Volunteer Information

Contact convention@natcom.org with any questions about volunteering.

Volunteers perform much of the work at the convention and the volunteer program is an opportunity for students to attend the convention. In exchange for one complete volunteer shift (shifts range from three to six hours), volunteers at the 109th Annual Convention will receive complimentary convention registration* which includes:

  • The chance to network with professionals in the field
  • The opportunity to learn about the communication discipline
  • The ability to attend convention sessions
  • Access to Graduate School Open House
  • Access to NCA Career Center

Please note, volunteer positions do require direct contact with convention attendees and social distancing in these roles may not be feasible. Please consider your personal health before registering for a volunteer position.

Do NOT register as a volunteer before checking your presentation schedule in the online program. You must complete your volunteer shift on time and in full. Your volunteer registration counts as your convention registration. Select only ONE (1) volunteer position. If you register for multiple positions, all of your registrations will be cancelled/voided.

*Note that convention registration is offered to volunteers, but this does not include membership with NCA. All volunteers must be student members of NCA, and are required to join/renew their membership if it expires before December 1, 2023. Please join/renew several days prior to registering as a volunteer to allow your membership to process. 

Volunteer Registration has reached its maximum capacity. To be added to the waitlist, please complete the form below.


This is the hub of activity and where you will see everyone in attendance pass through. We are looking for especially energetic and friendly volunteers.

Volunteer responsibilities:

  • Assist attendees with directions and information.
  • Collate/stuff convention materials.
  • Assist attendees with the check-in process in registration or other events.
  • Registration Area volunteers must be able to lift 25 lbs.

The Graduate School Open House offers universities and colleges the opportunity to highlight their programs while allowing prospective students to access a large number of programs at one time. The Career Center offers departments with job openings the opportunity to distribute information about their listings and gives job-seekers the chance to meet with potential applicants. The Center also provides valuable job search and professional development information. Volunteers are there to assist, not attend/participate in the session. If you would like to attend either of these sessions, please select a different role.

Volunteer Responsibilities:  

  • Check-in the participating departments and help department representatives find and set up their areas.
  • Help attendees/applicants find specific booths and answer questions. 
  • Welcome attendees to the session.
  • Ensure all attendees have NCA badges before entering the session.

A Short Course session is two hours and forty-five minutes long. It is an educational or “how-to” course designed to give attendees skills or knowledge to take back to their institution and implement. There is an additional registration fee to attend a Short Course and Short Courses are held each day of the convention schedule. Short Course ushers assist the instructors as needed. This is a great opportunity if a certain Short Course topic interests you.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Count and record attendance at each program which must be returned to the appropriate supervisor in the volunteer office.
  • Provide directions to those attending the convention and looking for Short Courses.
  • Serve as ‘teaching assistants’ for the Short Course instructors.

Ushering provides a great opportunity for students to attend programs and observe the convention. Ushers are also very important because they capture session attendance, which helps the National Office and Officers identify opportunities for change and improvement in the program. Ushers will generally be assigned to several rooms on one floor. 

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Count and record attendance at each program.
  • Direct presenters on how to request assistance if needed.
  • Provide directions to those attending the convention.

These volunteers make the exhibit hall friendly, fun, and easy-to-navigate. This role is great for someone who enjoys meeting new people and getting involved. In this position, you will answer a lot of questions and certainly make plenty of new friends! 

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Greet NCA Hub visitors with enthusiasm and positivity
  • Engage with as many exhibitors as possible (if requested by NCA staff)
  • Answer exhibit hall related questions
  •  Inform and direct attendees to exhibit hall activities
  • Monitor the texts in the Combined Book Exhibit (if available at the Convention)
  • Provide order forms for attendees interested in purchasing a book. Volunteers will not be processing purchases.


Access assistants are available to attendees who require assistance to navigate the convention. Convention attendees may require a range of assistance from a sighted guide to mobility assistance. 

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Provide directions, or assistance as needed, to attendees traveling between the two properties.
  • Assist attendees with finding specific session rooms.

Greeters will be welcoming all attendees to the Annual Convention and directing them to their next session, convention registration, or the exhibit hall. We are looking for especially energetic, outgoing, and friendly volunteers who have the ability to provide accurate and concise directions. This position may require a standing for long periods of time.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Provide directions, or assistance as needed, to attendees navigating the convention site.
  • Assist attendees with finding specific session rooms, NCA registration, and exhibit hall.

Exhibitor Check-in is where all exhibitors pick up their badge and other materials. The Exhibitor desk will be located in the NCA Convention Registration area. The Award Pick Up Area is where NCA leadership picks up their award plaques for distribution.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Distribute badges and materials.
  • Exchange badges.
  • Provide assistance to exhibiting organizations.
  • Distribute award plaques.
  • Strong attention to detail is required.

Can’t decide on a role? Serve as a Floater and help the Volunteer Office with special tasks, break relief, or filling any open volunteer positions. Prepare to be flexible and hit the road running wherever you are needed. Due to the flexibility of this position, it’s good to be familiar with the other volunteer roles.

Not your first NCA Convention? Then this is the job for you! You will help newcomers get their bearings, point people in the right direction and help other volunteers sign in for their shift. Volunteers for this job should have attended at least one other NCA Convention and be able to assist attendees and answer their questions. Also help the volunteer coordinator recruit additional volunteers for unfilled positions.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Answer general conference questions, give directions, etc.
  • Sign in volunteers for their shift and recruit and sign up new volunteers for unfilled positions
  • Serve as a Floater and be available to fill in volunteer shifts as needed throughout the conference.