Help for Grant Seekers

The information presented here is designed to assist members with all aspects of the grant-writing and submission process.

Are you Interested in writing a grant but unsure how to navigate the grant-seeking and grantwriting waters? We have produced a video that will assist you with the grantwriting process. The video, Grantseeking Basics:  A Guide for the Communication Scholar, contains interviews with four Communication scholars who have successfully written, and been funded with, grants from a variety of government agencies and private foundations. Representatives from the American Council of Learned SocietiesNational Endowment for the HumanitiesNational Science Foundation and a private foundation are also interviewed for their perspectives on the funding process. 

Browse through the accompanying PowerPoint guide to the Grantseeking Basics video.

The video is divided into seven chapters:

Funding Assistance  

A review service for NCA members who do not have extensive experience writing grant proposals. Our expert reviewers provide reviews that can guide revisions before one submits a proposal to potential funders. (see below for additional information)

Writing Proposals  

There are a number of how-to resources available for writing grant proposals. You may wish to contact the research office on your own campus as a first step in the grant-seeking process. Listed below are some resources to get you started: 

Glossary of Public Grants  

Links to Funding Agencies  

The best place to learn about funding is to sign up for mailing lists and grant update lists directly from the major federal and non-governmental funding entities.    

NCA helps first-time grant writers by matching them with successful, experienced grant seekers who provide feedback on final drafts of proposals that can guide revisions before submission to potential funders. Reviewers are matched with grant seekers based on areas of expertise and other relevant criteria. To request a review after reading the eligibility requirements, please submit the application for proposal review to