NCA Grant Opportunities

NCA Research Cultivation Grants

The Research Cultivation Grant (RCG) supports NCA’s mission to “foster professional success in research.” The specific goal of the RCG is to facilitate first-time grant-seeking for those without prior grant experience and/or those desiring to build a foundation for future grant pursuits.

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Advancing the Discipline Grants

The program is designed to support projects and events that advance the discipline of Communication.

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Grants from the Dale Leathers Fund to Promote Communication Studies in Emerging Democracies

The Leathers Fund, named after past NCA President Dale Leathers, is designed to support Communication studies to benefit emerging democracies.

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NCA Student Caucus Travel Grants

In support of its commitment to promoting diversity within the Communication discipline, NCA offers travel grants for student members of NCA’s caucuses to attend the Annual Convention.

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Note: Officers, directors, trustees (the Legislative Assembly and its Executive Committee), key employees, substantial contributors or employees thereof, and grant selection committee members are not eligible to receive grants from NCA.