The NCA Annual Convention and COVID-19

Updated 11/8/2022

COVID-19 Information and Instructions
The safety of our members is a top priority for the NCA convention team. For this reason, we have contracted with Clear Health Pass, a leader in working with organizations hosting large-scale events, to help manage our COVID-related safety efforts.
Our convention will deploy several best practices to mitigate risks for in-person attendees. These include:

  • Following city, state, and federal guidance regarding the use of masks.
  • Requiring proof of full vaccination (two weeks after receiving the second dose in a two dose COVID-19 vaccine series or  two weeks after receiving a single dose COVID-19 vaccine) or a negative antigen, molecular, or PCR COVID test taken within 72 hours before entry. Negative test results must include attendee name and date.
  • Being prepared to make adjustments to our safety policies as the situation changes.

This page will serve as the hub for all COVD-related information related to the convention. It will be updated as needed from now through the end of the event.

Before You Arrive
International attendees, please bring a photo ID and proof of vaccination or negative test results with you to the Annual Convention. All US-based registrants are asked to download the CLEAR app and follow all of the instructions related to their vaccination status. Those instructions are listed below and will also be emailed to registrants prior to the convention.

Please know that NCA and CLEAR take your privacy very seriously. Personal information is only used to deliver a frictionless and secure experience as well as expedite your convention entry process. You can read more about CLEAR’s Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about enrolling in CLEAR or need further assistance with the Health Pass, please contact CLEAR’s Member Care team via email, through the “Get In Touch” option in their app or by calling 1.855.CLEARME (253-2763).

How to Complete the CLEAR Health Pass

  1. Download the CLEAR app and tap the white Health Pass tile.
  2. Select ‘Have a code?’ and enter NCA22.
  3. Enroll with your government-issued ID or, if you are already a CLEAR member, verify your identity with a selfie.
  4. Follow the prompts to verify your proof of vaccination or negative COVID test results.
  5. Accept the Know Before You Go

Already have a CLEAR account?

  1. Open the CLEAR App on your mobile device and select “Health Pass” on the home screen. 

  2. Within the “Your Pass” tile at the top, click the blue “Change” link to add the event venue. 

  3. Click “have a code” 

  4. Enter Organization Code “NCA22” and follow the prompts 

Before you arrive at the convention, reopen the Health Pass tile in the app and produce your pass. Green is good to go!  Please be prepared to present your pass to staff for faster entry.

All attendees, regardless of whether you’ve attended previous conventions (including Seattle), are required to complete these steps. Due to HIPAA regulations, data collected last year was not shared with NCA.

Upon Arrival at the Annual Convention

Upon arrival at the convention in New Orleans, all attendees must go through on-site COVID-19 vaccine verification prior to receiving their badge and materials or attending any convention activities.

Verification will take place in Preservation Hall Foyer at the Marriott at these times:

  • Wednesday     7:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Thursday     7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Friday         7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday     7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday         7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Please allow extra time to move through this process.

Once verified, you will receive your convention badge which must be worn at all times for the duration of the convention. Your badge will serve as confirmation that you have been COVID verified.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of illness on-site should quarantine in their room until obtaining a negative COVID test.
Attendees will also notice these safety precautions:

  • Masks will be available in the registration area.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided to all attendees.
  • Packages of sanitizing wipes will be placed in all meeting rooms so participants can wipe down high-touch surfaces.

If You Are Presenting and Unable to Attend

For those presenting research papers, we suggest two options:

  1. Authors can have someone present on their behalf, such as a co-author or colleague.
  2. If the author requested AV at the time of their submission, they can submit a pre-recorded video presentation to the session chair that can be played during the session.

If you are scheduled to be a chair, respondent, or a panelist in a roundtable discussion, you will need to find a replacement as the nature of those roles doesn’t allow for pre-recorded content and the wi-fi bandwidth in those rooms is not conducive to remote participation.

As a reminder, per the Professional Standards for Convention Participants, all presenters are expected to register for the convention.

CLEAR Health Pass Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Health Pass by CLEAR?
Health Pass is a free service on the CLEAR app that connects your verified identity with your health information to provide a safer, easier way back to the places and people you love. The digital vaccine card you create will sync with Health Pass for easier access to venues accepting COVID-19 vaccinations for entry.

Q. Who can use Health Pass?
Currently, anyone 18 or older with a US state ID, driver’s license, US or international passport (excluding OFAC countries), or permanent resident ID is eligible for a CLEAR membership and to use Health Pass. Health Pass is a free service, but you must enroll in CLEAR to use it.

Q. I already have a photo of my vaccine card on my phone. How do I add that to my Health Pass?
Clear requires a new photo of your vaccine card. It will not allow you to access your phone’s camera, and may not recognize a photocopy, so please make sure you have the original card with you when you set up your account. You do NOT, however, need to bring the original card with to the event. A photo or a photocopy will work as your backup.

Q. I got an error when I tried to upload my vaccine card. What did I do wrong?
Please check to make sure you are scanning your original card, not a copy. Next, check to make sure you clicked on the white Health Pass tile to add your vaccine card – NOT on the blue Digital Vaccine Card tile. Clicking on the blue tile will create an error. Finally, try switching your background - CLEAR will have an easier time scanning the card on a dark background that gives a clear contrast between the background and the card. If you are still having trouble, please reach out to

Q. My Health Pass is red – can I still participate in person?
Please make sure you have correctly uploaded your CDC vaccine card or negative COVID-19 test and entered your information. If the pass is still red, you will be asked to provide physical proof (i.e., a CDC vaccine card and ID or negative COVID-19 test results with your full name and ID) when you arrive. If you are unable or unwilling to provide this information, you will not be permitted to enter the event space.

Q. I can’t use the CLEAR app – can I still participate in person?
Attendees are strongly encouraged to use the CLEAR app for a faster, smoother entry into the event. If you are not able to use the CLEAR app, you will be asked to provide physical proof (i.e., a CDC vaccine card and ID). If you are unable or unwilling to provide proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test, you will not be permitted to enter the event space.

Q. I received my vaccine outside of the U.S. – can I still participate in person?
International attendees will be asked to provide physical proof of your vaccination with photo ID when you arrive. If you are unable or unwilling to provide proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test, you will not be permitted to enter the event space.

Q. How does CLEAR use my data?
The vaccine information you provide to CLEAR is not shared with NCA. You can learn more about CLEAR’s Privacy Policy here.

Q. I’m having trouble creating my CLEAR account – where can I get more information?
If you have any questions about enrolling in CLEAR, please reach out to or tap “Get In Touch” in the app for assistance.


What about future NCA conventions?

The Future Conventions Task Force is charged with considering various options for the long-term format vision for NCA conventions and with making a series of recommendations to NCA’s Executive Committee. The expectation is that a task force report will be submitted for consideration during the November 2022 Executive Committee meeting.