Centennial Convention

NCA 100th Annual Convention

A selection of sessions was chosen to be recorded at the NCA 100th Annual Convention. They were chosen because of their exceptional content that spoke directly to celebrating NCA’s Centennial. Change was a unifying thread among several sessions. They tackled the discipline’s role in effecting change; the evolution of diversity, socio-political, and demographic representations within the association/discipline; a discussion of Herman Cohen and his contributions to the discipline; an examination of interdisciplinary boundaries; and the history, growth, and future of political communication. All offered insight and expectations of where the association and discipline were headed in the next century.

The videotaping and online archive resources above were made possible by McGraw-Hill Education.


NCA 95th Annual Convention

The NCA 95th Annual Convention was "five years out" from NCA’s 100th Anniversary in 2014. Moving toward the Centennial of NCA presented us with opportunities to consider the past, present, and future of our association and discipline. NCA communities (divisions, sections, and caucuses) and affiliated organizations planned special Five-Years-Out sessions. These sessions addressed five questions:

  1. What is the historical development of your Knowledge Community or affiliated organization in the discipline and at NCA?
  2. What are the major themes and contributions of your Knowledge Community or affiliated organization over its history? What is the state of the art?
  3. Where is your Knowledge Community or affiliated organization headed? What do you want to accomplish by NCA’s Centennial?
  4. What are the greatest resources you bring to the discipline and what are the challenges to meeting your goals?
  5. What are your greatest contributions to communities inside and outside of the academy? Where does and where can your Knowledge Community or affiliated organization make a difference?

Videotaping and online archive resources were made possible by Routledge, Taylor & Francis

"Routledge, Taylor & Francis is proud to be recognized as a sponsor of the Five-Years-Out program at the NCA’s 95th Annual Convention. Our continuing partnership with the Association ensures broad global dissemination of top-quality research and furthers the development of the communication studies research community worldwide."
Five Years Out Sessions