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COMMNotes is a daily (Monday-Friday) email blast. Subscribers and all NCA members receive daily emails on the categories listed below. Individuals are encouraged to contribute abstracts, calls, articles, announcements, and grant opportunities. Postings are free, except for position announcements. As with CRTNET position announcements, position announcements will remain free for NCA department members; institutions that are not NCA members can publish position announcements for $100.

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Posting Categories 

  • Conferences, Calls, and Announcements
  • Position Announcements (Complete online form; instructions below.)
  • Obituaries

Specifications for COMMNotes Submissions

COMMNotes abides by NCA’s Credo for Ethical Communication. It contains three different types of information: Conferences, Calls, and Announcements, Position Announcements, and Obituaries. It is not a discussion forum, and no posts can contain discussion. Posts that are inconsistent with the mission, commitments, and values of NCA as an organization will not be published. Additionally, posts that contain remarks that disparage members of the discipline or contain false or legally culpable language will not be published.


Conferences, Calls, and Announcements
Conferences, Calls, and Announcements consist of objective content about, for example, publications, conferences, invitations to be on panels, and personal announcements relating to professional awards or accolades.

Obituaries are recognitions of a recently deceased person. Generally, obituaries reflect remembrances related to NCA members and other members of the discipline of Communication.

Position Announcements
Position Announcements are posts about current job openings that NCA members and other readers of COMMNotes either could apply for or might wish to share. Position Announcements, then, advertise such job openings and information related to them.

NCA reserves the right to refuse publication of COMMNotes submissions for any reason. NCA will do its best to respect members’ requests to post items, but final decisions regarding submissions rests with NCA’s leadership.

NCA COMMNotes Disclaimer

NCA is not responsible for the policies and procedures of any company, organization, institution, or individual posting announcements of any kind in COMMNotes. For NCA’s full disclaimer statement, click here.

Submission Procedures

The following applies to submission postings for all posting categories except Position Announcements. See the position announcement section for more detailed submission information.

  • Submissions should be sent in the body of an email without unusual fonts or formatting, spacing, PDFs, tables, or attachments.
  • Send all submissions except Position Announcements to
  • Include the following in your submission:
    • The category of announcement you are submitting
    • Your name and email (which will be included in the posting)
    • A subject line as you would like it to appear on COMMNotes 

 Position Announcements

Position announcements are free for NCA departmental members. The fee for non-departmental members is $100 per position vacancy. Payment must be in the form of a credit card.

  • Departments may join NCA in lieu of paying the position announcements fee. Click here to view the benefits of Department Membership.
  • All position advertisers must submit their position announcements using NCA’s online portal. Please follow the steps below.
  1. Log in to your individual account. Click My Account at the top of the page. Click the Organizations tab. Click the blue Manage button next to the Relationship column. If you do not see a blue Manage button, contact
  2. You're ready to submit your position announcement. Click here to start the process.  
  3. Ensure COMMNotes Position Announcement is selected and click “Review & Checkout.”
  4. Fill in all required fields.
  5. Click “Next.”
  6. Ensure item price and total are correct (free for department members; $100 for non-members) and confirm email address to receive confirmation. Click “Submit.”
  • NCA is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of position announcements.
  • NCA reserves the right to refuse position announcements for any reason.
  • Announcements for a position may be posted only once.

​View the COMMNotes Position Announcements Frequently Asked Questions and Checklist for more information on position announcements.

Submission and Posting Policies

  • Messages may only be posted once.
  • The tone of COMMNotes is expected to comport with NCA’s Credo for Ethical Communication. All submissions are subject to NCA's Terms of Use
  • All postings require a name and email address; anonymous submissions will not be posted.
  • Submissions are not edited for content, spelling, or grammar.
  • Advertisements will not be posted.
  • COMMNotes will not be sent out when the office is closed for holidays or the NCA annual convention.
  • Submissions are intended for COMMNotes only, not the NCA website or Spectra.
  • Copyright and Permissions:
    • Unless indicated in the text of an individual post, material distributed in COMMNotes is understood to be available for redistribution by electronic or other means for noncommercial purposes. Requests for permission to reproduce a post for commercial purposes should be directed to the author of that post. Readers who would like to recommend copyrighted material available electronically should submit a short summary of the material along with the URL where the material can be found. 

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