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Communication Scholars from across the nation and around the world have been giving TEDx talks, which are independently organized local discussions in the spirit of the influential TED conference. They've raised provocative questions about education, online racism, death acceptance, and more. If you are a communication scholar and would like to be featured on this page, contact Dr. LaKesha Anderson at

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Black lives don't need performative allies

Déjà Rollins, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


In the summer of 2020, supporting Black lives in the struggle for equality became trendy on social media. Almost a year later, the hashtags are gone and nothing has changed. In this powerful talk, Déjà D. Rollins explains how performative allies not only do Black people no good, they cause them harm as well. She powerfully exhorts others to become accomplices in the fight for justice.

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"The psychological traits that shape your political beliefs"

Dannagal G. Young, University of Delaware

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"A better way to die"

Jeremy Make, University of Colorado Denver

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"Transforming Views: Mindful Garment Making"

Amy M. Smith, Salem State University

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"(Un)divided Attention in the Age of Cell Phones"

Aimee Miller-Ott, Illinois State University


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"The Power of Solidarity in the Moments of Life"

José I. Rodríguez, California State University, Long Beach

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"Grades Ain't It: A Case for Redefining Success in College"

Nick Chivers, De Anza College

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"Our brains are A'Twitter"

Steve Vrooman, Texas Lutheran University

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"Let's speak with care and consideration of our differences"

Niya Pickett-Miller, Samford University


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"Targeting the Busy Body: A Hyper-embodied Embrace of Mortality"

Julie-Ann Scott Pollock, UNC-Wilmington

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"What I Learned in Prison"

Adam Key, University of Arkansas at Monticello

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"Reimagining Mental Health Discourse Among African Americans"

Shaun J. Fletcher, PhD, San Jose State University

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"Wednesdays with Willie"

Kesha Morant Williams, Penn State Berks


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"Breaking Through Barriers of Connecting During Disasters"

Keri Stephens, University of Texas at Austin

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"Socially Constructing Down Syndrome: Confessions of a Rockin Mom"

Cara Jacocks, Southern Methodist University

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"Ending Genocide in the 21st Century"

Ben Voth, Southern Methodist University

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"Promoting Interdisciplinary Research with Community Impact"

Michael Burns, Texas State University


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"The Upside Down"

Emily McCormick, University of North Texas

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"Triggered? How Labels Guide our Interactions"

Susie Bannon, The University of Texas at Austin

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"The Power Of Media For An Inclusive World"

Srividya Ramasubramanian, Texas A&M University

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"Bellies, Boobs, and Bulges: Challenging Ideal Bodies"

Phillip Wagner, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee


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"The Art of Positive Communication"

Julien C. Mirivel, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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"Le nez de Pinocchio n’existe pas… et alors?"

Vincent Denault, Université de Montréal

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"Moving Beyond Work/Life Balance"

Elizabeth Jeter, High Point University

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"We Need to Integrate Public Speaking into Education"

Andrew Billings, University of Alabama