NCA Annual Convention

NCA 110th Annual Convention: Communication for Greater Regard

November 21 - 24, 2024
New Orleans, LA




New and Coming to NCA in 2024 Are Virtual Learning Opportunities (VLOs)! As we prepare for our 110th Annual Convention experience, VLOs are being created to encourage a vibrant, year-long conversation around the 2024 convention theme, “Communication for Greater Regard.” VLOs are added-value opportunities for members to learn, interact, and connect. They are designed to showcase member expertise and to enhance member learning among focal groups and/or focal topics. VLO types include a masterclass (less than one hour), an intensive (two to three hours), and a consortium (four hours). Planning is underway to schedule several VLOs leading up to the 2024 convention with the opportunity for in-person meet ups in New Orleans at the convention. Want to learn more or get involved in the creation of VLOs? Do you have suggestions for a VLO focal topic, expertise you would like to share in a VLO, or a focal group you would like to convene for a VLO? Share your insights and ideas today with the VLOs Planning Team. 



Jeanetta D. Sims

University of Central Oklahoma

Dr. Jeanetta Sims is known as a highly collaborative, respectful leader who believes in listening, honoring people and scaling through Mt. Fuji moments. She is a tenured professor and former dean of the University of Central Oklahoma’s (UCO) Graduate College and University College as well as the co-creator with students of the Broncho Education and Learning Lab (BELL). She championed UCO’s HLC Quality Initiative which culminated in a new first year experience called Broncho Blueprint. Dr. Sims is a 30+ award-winning scholar, educator, poet, and founder of Diverse Student Scholars. Along with numerous academic publications, she is the author of poetry and prose in the Moments in Soul-journal series and We Are Here series. In 2022, she was named a DaVinci Institute Fellow, Women Who Inspire Award recipient, a Marketing Management Association Fellow, and the inaugural recipient of NCA AACCD’s Dorothy Pennington Award.