NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar

NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar

The NCA Doctoral Honors Seminars (DHS) bring together promising doctoral students and distinguished faculty members from across the discipline and around the nation to discuss current topics in Communication. The seminars are held annually at a selected host institution. Approximately 30 doctoral students are chosen to participate based on submitted papers and recommendations from their advisors. Selected students will receive a travel voucher to put toward their travel to the DHS; all accommodations and other expenses are also provided. 

The annual Doctoral Honors Seminar (DHS) will be hosted by the University of South Florida, July 21-24, 2019.

The theme of the 2019 DHS is "Communication, Engagement, and Social Justice."

Faculty Leaders

The following individuals have been selected to attend the ​2019 Doctoral Honors Seminar.

  • Communication Studies 
    • Comfort Tosin Adebayo, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • JhuCin (Rita) Jhang, The University of Texas at Austin
    • Kyle Kearns, The University of Texas at Austin
    • Dayna Kloeber, Arizona State University
    • Mackensie Minniear, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • Toni Morgan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • Robert Razzante, Arizona State University
    • Jaime Robb, University of South Florida
    • Brett Robertson, The University of Texas at Austin
    • Elizabeth Spencer, University of Kentucky
    • Billy Table, The University of Texas at Austin
    • Easton Wollney, University of Florida
  • ​Media and Society
    • Md Khorshed Alam, University of South Florida
    • Briana Barner, The University of Texas at Austin
    • Brent Hale, Indiana University
    • Ollie Jefferson, Howard University
    • Elizabeth Jenkins, Ohio University
    • Abigail Reed, Florida State University
    • Lars Stoltzfus-Brown, Penn State University
    • Larissa Teran, The University of Arizona
  • ​Rhetoric and/or Performance Studies
    • Anjuli Brekke, University of Washington
    • William Cooney, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • Zhao Ding, The University of New Mexico
    • Cassidy Ellis, University of Denver
    • Pamela Foster, Georgia State University
    • Lauren Hunter, University of Maryland
    • Benjamin Mann, The University of Utah
    • Hana Masri, The University of Texas at Austin
    • Tyler Rife, Arizona State University
    • Kate Siegfried, Texas A&M University

The annual Doctoral Honors Seminar (DHS) was hosted by the Department of Communication Studies at Vanderbilt University, July 23-26, 2018. The theme of the 2018 DHS is “Communicating Intersections” and faculty leaders included Carlos Alemán (James Madison University), Jiyeon Kang (University of Iowa), Claire Sisco King (Vanderbilt), Kate Magsamen-Conrad (University of Iowa), Roopali Mukherjee (Queens College), Cindy Koenig Richards (Willamette University), Paul Stob (Vanderbilt), Dave Tell (University of Kansas), and Steven Wilson (University of South Florida).

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

July 23-26, 2018