From the President: Introduction

April 2, 2024


Dear NCA Members, 

It is with great enthusiasm that I present to you the latest edition of Spectra. Packed with insightful articles, updates, and opportunities tailored specifically to our members, Spectra serves as an important connection point for all of us. Communication, now more than ever, must be at the forefront of global discourse, driving change and fostering understanding across perspectives. In these dynamic times, the National Communication Association must remain steadfast in its commitment to advancing the study and practice of communication in all its forms. 

NCA’s commitment to advance communication is evidenced by many of our accomplishments in 2023 that are worth celebrating. We started a new NCA journal, Communication and Race, edited by Armond Towns, and the journal is currently accepting submissions. At the 2023 Convention, the Legislative Assembly approved the Death and Dying Division, which has already held a business meeting and created a leadership team. We also created a Convention app, which makes navigating NCA Convention sessions easier and more accessible for members. 

NCA was also challenged in 2023, particularly with the censorship of the Presidential address. I want to thank all the members of the Presidential Address Inquiry Committee for their work in investigating the incident (the Executive Committee’s statement may be found here). I also want to reinforce to our members that NCA is committed to creating a structure that ensures inclusivity, acceptance, and free speech. We spent quite a bit of time discussing the 2023 Convention during our January 2024 Leadership Retreat, where members of the Executive Committee, councils, and committees gathered together to discuss the past, present, and future of the Association. Collectively, we will, and must, do better. I look forward to making NCA a better organization together. 

As we work to better NCA in 2024 and beyond, I want to highlight a few upcoming events. The Legislative Assembly will have its first biannual meeting of the year in April. The Doctoral Honors Seminar will take place June 4 to 7 on the campus of the University of Utah. Be on the lookout for Virtual Learning Opportunities that are being masterfully planned by First Vice President Jeanettta Sims, with the first starting this summer. I also want to encourage you to submit papers to the 2024 Convention in New Orleans. The theme of “Communication for Greater Regard” is timely for NCA and will allow us opportunities to engage with each other and share our innovative scholarship, driving positive change and making meaningful connections that transcend boundaries. 

As we embark on moving NCA forward together, let us take advantage of the boundless opportunities that communication affords us. Whether you are a seasoned or emerging scholar, a dedicated educator, or a burgeoning practitioner, I am grateful that you are a member of NCA and thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Association. 

I invite you to dive into this edition of Spectra and learn more about the remarkable contributions of our members. 

Marnel Niles Goins 

NCA President