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NCA 106th Annual Convention Reimagined

July 8, 2020

Recognizing the impact of COVID-19, the NCA Executive Committee, Primary Program Planner and First Vice President, David T. McMahan, divisional and special programmers, and the National Office have been working for the past several weeks and months developing plans for the upcoming Annual Convention in Indianapolis that are flexible enough to allow all members to participate safely and collaboratively in this significant event. We are very pleased to share this important announcement regarding the convention and membership.

This year’s convention has been reimagined to allow presenters and other participants the opportunity to participate virtually if they cannot attend in person.  Considerations of participant health, safety, and agency were at the top of our priority list in making this decision.  Many are looking forward to attending and participating in person at the convention, but the impact of COVID-19 may prevent others from traveling to Indianapolis and participating in person. Specific information regarding both in person participation and virtual participation will be provided as the convention draws near.  This year’s convention will not be business as usual, but we are confident that it will provide opportunities to implement innovative and resilient strategies that will afford presenters and other participants the ability to do something new, something from which we can all learn and benefit. 

In further recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic and its differential and varied effects on everyone, the NCA Executive Committee has also approved two financial initiatives. First, the association is eliminating all 2020 Convention registration fees for NCA members, regardless of whether a member attends in person or virtually.  Second, 2020 membership costs will be reduced by half for all members who make less than $100,000 annually (those members who have already joined or renewed since January 1, 2020, will receive a refund of 50% of their membership dues).

We are looking forward to the Convention in November. Full convention program information is now available on NCA Convention Central. Hotel and travel information is available on the Hotel and Travel Information webpage. Registration is open for all participants (in person and virtual) on the Registration Information webpage.