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NCA Grant Applications Due October 1

July 8, 2020

Applications are due Thursday, October 1, 2020 for NCA’s Advancing the Discipline grants, the Dale Leathers Fund to Promote Communication Studies in Emerging Democracies, and the new Research Cultivation grants. 

Advancing the Discipline grants are designed to support projects and events that advance the discipline of Communication. Proposals should be for one-time funding not to exceed $5,000. 

The Dale Leathers Fund to Promote Communication Studies in Emerging Democracies promotes the scholarship and teaching of Communication Studies that benefits emerging democracies and their peoples. Grants are typically funded at between $500 and $700. 

NCA’s new Research Cultivation grants aim to facilitate first-time grant seeking for those without prior grant experience and/or those desiring to build a foundation for future grant pursuits. Projects funded by these grants will be those proposing innovative research (such as understudied domains or novel or creative methodologies), internationalization (focused on historically marginalized groups in non-U.S. contexts, for example), and/or engaged scholarship (such as research mobilized in non-academic contexts of pressing social, civic, and ethical concerns, or that translates Communication theory into practice). Proposals should be for one-time funding of up to $15,000.  

For more information on NCA’s grant programs, as well as access to funding applications, please the NCA Grant Opportunities page.

For questions about NCA’s grant programs, please contact LaKesha Anderson, NCA’s Director of Academic and Professional Affairs, at