NCA Annual Convention

NCA 105th Annual Convention: Communication for Survival

NCA19 Convention Artwork
November 14 - 17, 2019
Baltimore, MD

I am so looking forward to seeing you at the NCA Convention in Baltimore later this month. As you already probably know, this year’s theme, “Communication for Survival,” encourages Communication scholars and practitioners alike to think about the vital role communication plays in survival. You and many of your colleagues have submitted remarkable proposals relating to the convention theme, proposals for sessions, short courses, preconferences, film screenings, and more. Before we convene in Baltimore, I would like to note just a few events highlights at this year’s convention:

In closing, I am so excited about this year’s convention and hope you and your students, friends, family, and colleagues have a wonderful experience, one that energizes you, helps you think and act in new and powerful ways, and ultimately helps us all find ways communication can facilitate survival.

Kent A. Ono
NCA First Vice President
University of Utah