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Apr 12
This public program will address health, health care, and understandings about health in the Appalachian region, an area where residents face a disproportionately high incidence of poor health and...
Apr 19
Public Programs
Media are powerful agents of communication, enabling the rapid dissemination of news and information – but they can also spread misinformation. This public program addressed the role of media and...
NCA’s Publications Council is seeking applications for editors-elect for three journals. The newly appointed editors will begin processing manuscripts in late 2019 or early 2020, and will oversee the...
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“Communicating Intersections” The annual Doctoral Honors Seminar (DHS) was held July 23-26, 2018, in Nashville, TN. The Department of Communication Studies at Vanderbilt University hosted the 2018...
One Position, for a member from a four-year institution, to serve a three-year term starting in January 2020 The Teaching and Learning Council requests nominations for a committee member to serve on...
Jun 30
NCA members are invited to submit new resolution proposals to the Resolutions Committee for review or proposals to revise existing resolutions. All proposals are due no later than June 30, 2019...
“Chairperson Leadership: Advocating, Mentoring, and Managing” June 13-15, 2019, College Park, MD The NCA Chairs’ Summer Institute provides an opportunity for department chairs to participate in...
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The annual Doctoral Honors Seminar (DHS) will be hosted by the University of South Florida, July 21-24, 2019. The theme of the 2019 DHS is "Communication, Engagement, and Social Justice." Planning...
NCA Governance, Council, and Award Committee Members NCA seeks members to serve on a variety of governance and award selection committees. Unless otherwise indicated in a specific call below,...
Jan 08
Feb 12
The Nominating Committee, chaired by Lynn Turner have developed a slate of candidates for the 2019 NCA election. Members will be asked to elect a Second Vice President, representatives to the...