2019 Call for Resolutions

June 30, 2019

NCA members are invited to submit new resolution proposals to the Resolutions Committee for review or proposals to revise existing resolutions. All proposals are due no later than June 30, 2019.

There are three types of resolutions:


Public Policy Statements

These refer to issues that are public and specific for which our disciplinary expertise can lend itself to a particular understanding.  Public policy statements have direct implementation requirements.

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Ethical Statements

These address issues related to general beliefs of right and wrong that can guide more specific decisions of the association and members of the discipline.  They do not have immediate specific implementation requirements, but rather they are among the many guiding principles that are used by NCA’s decision-making bodies who are considering support for public policy and other statements on behalf of the association.  They can also be used in the classroom, and for other purposes.

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Academic/Professional Statements

These refer to issues that are tied to the interest of the discipline and its members within the professional sphere.  Academic/professional statements are relevant if there is a compelling argument that support for a particular position would enhance the ability of communication educators/scholars to do their work effectively and/or enhance the stature of the discipline in the academy or more broadly.  

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Details about submission and review procedures

Please send any questions or proposed resolutions to NCA’s Assistant Director of Membership and Governance, Justin Danowski (jdanowski@natcom.org).

Resolutions Committee 
Helen Sterk, Chairperson
John Hooker
Denise Oles-Acevedo
Nicholas Zoffel
Elizabeth Desnoyers-Colas
Tracey Quigley Holden