NCA Relaunches Communication Currents with New Content, New Design

September 26, 2023



This September, NCA is relaunching its popular reports on NCA journal articles, Communication Currents, with notable improvements.

Communication Currents have summarized nearly 700 articles in NCA journals since 2006, and they have become one of the most read parts of the entire NCA website. The new series of Communication Currents will include suggested discussion questions to facilitate their use in homework assignments, classroom discussions, and instructors’ presentations.

Articles selected for Communication Currents must meet the very highest standards of scholarly research, chosen from NCA journals that already are rigorously reviewed and edited. The new Communication Currents will appeal to a broader audience of students, teachers, researchers, policymakers, news media and/or the general public, especially journal articles that are related to current issues and events.

A new Communication Currents heading, included in each one, will reflect the report’s tone and purpose.

Communication Currents