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September 26, 2023


In the News

Nancy Grant Harrington, professor at the University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information’s Department of Communication, named an International Communication Association Fellow.

Bryan Crable named Founding Dean of College of Human Development, Culture, and Media at Seton Hall University.

MSU Billings professor, Susan Balter-Reitz, named Fellow at UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement

Richard Cherwitz's op-ed, "Opinion | Trump records indictment an example of rationality," published in the Capital Times:.

Richard Cherwitz's op-ed, "The challenge of diversity in the absence of affirmative action," published in Longview News-Journal.

Monmouth College recognized by NCA as tops in the U.S. among small liberal arts colleges.

David Heineman’s “NEPADOC,” named top film by and will screen at NCA Annual Convention, premiers at Rialto Theatre in Central Pennsylvania.



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Steve R. Wilson, Department of Communications at University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences recognized with an Outstanding Research Achievement Award.