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Members of the Rhetorical and Communication Theory (RCT) Division study theoretical, critical, and empirical questions related to the field of rhetorical studies and communication theory. This division sponsors panels and presentations at the Annual Convention and presents awards to the authors of top papers. The RCT Division provides a space wherein scholars and teachers with diverse interests can come together to contribute to theorizing the field.


  • Chair: Caitlin Bruce
  • Vice Chair: Amira de la Garza
  • Vice Chair-Elect: Suzanne Enck
  • Immediate Past Chair: Megan Morrissey
  • Secretary: Amanda Nell Edgar
Legislative Assembly
  • Megan Morrissey
  • Caitlin Bruce
  • Amira de la Garza
  • Suzanne Enck
Awards Committee 
  •  Michael Lechuga
Nominating Committee Candidates
  • Alison Cheung (chair)
Rhetorical Scholarship Selection Committee Candidates
  • Josue David Cisneros
Vice-Chair Elect Candidate
  • Suzanne Enck
Wichelns Memorial Award Committee Candidates
  • Jose Ángel Maldonado

RCTD Membership 

Official count taken each January.

108th Annual Convention -- New Orleans, LA -- Nov. 17 - 20, 2022

Convention Calls
  • RCTD Call -- Deadline: Thu, 3/31 2022 3:00 AM EDT
Award Calls
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