NCA Annual Convention

NCA 108th Annual Convention: Honoring PLACE: People, Liberation, Advocacy, Community, and Environment

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November 17 - 20, 2022
New Orleans, LA

NCA 108th Annual Convention
“Honoring PLACE: People, Liberation, Advocacy, Community, and Environment”
November 17-20, 2022
New Orleans, Louisiana

Walid AfifiAs you read this, the process of reviewing thousands of submissions to the 108th Annual Convention is well under way. The hundreds of people who make that happen (unit planners, reviewers, and NCA staff) are busy at work. I want to take this opportunity to say a few thank yous.
First, thank you to the thousands of you who submitted to the Annual Convention. A sneak peek at the submissions reveals an incredibly rich corpus that will help celebrate the many ways that our discipline is advancing knowledge and practice in critically important domains. The submissions address a wide range of topics, applying a broad set of theories and methods. They also speak to the theme, Honoring PLACE: People, Liberation, Advocacy, Community, and Environment, in incredibly diverse and important ways.
This convention will afford us the chance to uplift place and community more fully than we have ever done before. In addition to the traditional panel format, this convention will include several exciting features: the Disability Issues Caucus will host a session that hopes to model what a maximally-accessible session looks like, we will pilot an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based translation app that will be used during the First Vice President sponsored session, "A Transnational Conversation about Structural Violence: From New Orleans to the Occupied Palestinian Territories," with several languages other than English being spoken, and we will have a set of online theme-based events leading up to the convention, which will help extend crucial scholarly conversations beyond the convention spaces and dates. Several other innovations are in the planning stages – I am so looking forward to sharing more as plans become finalized.
Second, thank you to the program planners who do a tremendous amount of labor to make the review and selection process possible, including the creation of the call, the recruitment and selection of reviewers, the intricate and time-consuming distribution of submissions to multiple reviewers (all while protecting against conflicts of interest) the data-based acceptance and rejection decisions and the complicated process of putting together thematic panels from among a widely dispersed set of accepted submissions, among other tasks.
Third, thank you to the thousands of reviewers who are volunteering their time, over and above the many other research, teaching, service, personal, and family responsibilities they carry. And why? Because they care deeply about the quality of the NCA Annual Convention and understand that it takes a lot of people doing their parts to put together a convention from which so many of us benefit.
And, finally, deep, deep appreciation to the NCA staff, led on the convention front by Kristin Yednock, for their inspiring dedication to creating a submission and review process that is as clear and accessible as possible. Kristin has to walk a new 1st Vice President through this process every single year, along with first-time unit planners and reviewers. That takes incredible patience, and a range of personal and professional skill sets that are hard to find in one person. Thank you, Kristin.
In the coming weeks, I look forward to updating you with other aspects of the convention that will make it a must-attend event. Thanks for your interest in, and involvement with, our convention!

Walid Afifi
NCA First Vice President