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The Group Communication Division welcomes studies in a wide variety of group contexts, including work teams and family, religious, educational, and recreational activities; in activist and social movement contexts; and in virtual environments, public meetings, or laboratory settings. The division is interested in processes related to decision making, deliberation, coordination, face and identity, collaboration, conflict, and leadership, as well as the functions, effects, technologies, and structures of groups, and is open to both laboratory and field research methodologies. The division is also interested in the pedagogy, training, and practical applications of group communication theories. Our Division annually gives awards to top papers and top student papers, as well as special awards for published books, articles, and dissertations/theses that promote work in group communication.

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  • Chair: Lyn Van Swol 
  • Vice Chair: Andrew Pilny 
  • Vice Chair-Elect: Alaina Zanin    
  • Immediate Past Chair: Kay Yoon   
  • Secretary: Katie Kang 
Legislative Assembly
  • Kay Yoon
  • Lyn Van Swol

107th Annual Convention -- Seattle, Washington -- November 18-21, 2021

Convention Calls
  • GCD Call -- Deadline March 31, 11:59 p.m. PST.
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