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Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Yifeng Wang, Xinyi Zhang & Yuwei Zhong, "Blaming Undocumented Immigrants in Crises: Revisiting Effects of Death and Economic Threats through Holistic Thinking Since COVID-19"
2022 Jessica Bozeman, "Redefining Social Groups and Expounding on Their Functions"
2021 Eugene Lee and Lichen Zhen;"How do Donors Know a Team is Worth It? Building Effective Relief Fund Campaigns During the COVID-19 Pandemic"
2020 Chandler MacSwain, "Historical Roots in the Study of Groups: A look at two theoretical traditions"
2019 Yutong Wu, Carmen Chan, Cordelia Jin, Poppy McLeod, Michele Williams, "Effects of Avatar Gender on Negotiation in a Virtual Environment"
2018 Sonia Jawaid SHaikh and Ignacio Cruz, "'Alexa, Do you Know Anything?' The Effects of Intelligent Personal Assistants in Teams: Examining Dynamic Interactions, Decsion Making and Creativity Over (and Under) Time"
2017 Piyawan Charoensap-Kelly, "Making Sense of International Faith-based Disaster Relief Volunteer Experiences: Barriers and Contributors to Successful Operations"
2016 Maggie Boyraz, "It's what you make of it: The role of team identification, communication climate and perception of subgroups as important factors in global team satisfaction and innovation"
2015 Leanna Smithberger, “Finding the Fine Line: The Empowering Role of the Facilitator”
2014 Mikyeung Bae, "The Effects of Anonymity on Computer-Mediated Communication: The Case of Independent versus Interdependent Self-Construal Influence"
2013 Stephanie M. Ruhl, "Creating Connections on the Court: 'It's a Half-Ass Game'"
2012 Gamze Yilmaz, “The Influence of Interpersonal Behaviors and Social Categories on Language Use in Virtual Teams”
2007 Zuoming Wang
2006 Christina Bates, "Cross disciplinary illuminations: Looking for Group Psychotherapy to inform task/work group effectiveness research"
2005 Ted Coopman, "Weak is the new strong: A study of communication patterns between men in the mankind project"
2004 Angela S. Borsella, "Communication patterns associated with group synergistic outcomes: A comparison for functional and information assessment approaches" 
2003 Renee Heath, "Ideal Collaboration: A Conceptual Framework of Group Deliberation"
  Johnny Garner, "Leading the Dance: A Process Theory of Leadership and Group Development"
  Hao Huang, "Toward an Understanding of the National Culture Dimension of Knowledge Sharing in Newly Formed Multinational Teams"
2002 Yan Xu, "A Structural Equations Analysis of the Transactive Memory Model"
2001 Dan Ryan, "Decision-Making Norms: The Crux of Groupthink"
2000 Kevin Real, "Gender and Perceptions of Relational Interaction in Task Groups"
1998 Tim Kuhn, "Group Process and Group Performance: A Qualitative, Longitudinal Analysis of Conflict and Decision-Making"

Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Devon Geary & Valerie Manusov, "Facilitated Contact: Building the Container for Interracial Conversations about Race"
2022 Kay Yoon, Cameron Piercy, Young Ji Kim, & Yaguang Zhu, "Boundary Work and Transactive Memory Systems in Multi-Team Environments: Moderating Effects of the Visibility Affordance"
2021 No winner for this year.
2020 Kay Yoon and Yaguang Zhu, "Social Media Affordances and Transactive Memory System in Virtual Teams"
  Matthew S. McGlone, "All Action and No Talk: A Multimethod Investigation of Routinized Adaptation in Interprofessional Critical Teams By Dawna Ballard, Dron Mandhana, Mary Waller, Matthew McGlone, Ana Aguilar, and Dina Inman-Ramgolam"
  Katie Knobloch and John Gastil, "How Deliberative Experiences Shape Subjective Outcomes: A Study of Fifteen Minipublics from 2010-2018"
  Ana Aguilar, Mary Waller, Dina Inman-Ramgolam, Dawna Ballard, and Dron M. Mandhana, "All Action and No Talk: A Multimethod Investigation of Routinized Adaptation in Interprofessional Critical Teams
  Yuanxin Wang, Jiawei Zhang, Zijun Ding, Leslie DeChurch, and Noshir Contractor, "Dynamics of Processes and Performance of Teams using Enterprise Social Media"
2019 Samuel Wilson, Luisa Ruge-Jones, William C. Barley, & Marshall Scott Poole, "Tacking amid tension: Using oscillation to enable creativity in diverse teams"
  Lyn Van Swol, Paul Hangsan Ahn, & Andrew Prahl, Languague use in group discourse and its relationship to group processes"
  Alaina Zanin, Laura V. Martinez, & Katrina N. Hanna, "(Re)structuring empowerment: Volunteer barriers and agency to gender disparities in female youth sport contexts"
2018 Alaina C. Zanin, Jessica Kay Kamrath, & Steven R. Corman, "A Bona Fide Group Perspective of Athletic Healthcare Teams and Concussion Reporting"
  Sonia Jawaid SHaikh and Ignacio Cruz, "'Alexa, Do you Know Anything?' The Effects of Intelligent Personal Assistants in Teams: Examining Dynamic Interactions, Decsion Making and Creativity Over (and Under) Time"
  Aaron Campbell, "Collecive Leadership Networks, and Communication: What (or Who) Makes Sense?"
2017 Michael W. Kramer, Carrisa Hoelscher, Chris Nguyen, Eric Anthony Day, Olivia Cooper, "Structuration Processes in an Interagency Collaboration: Enabling and Constraining through Words and Deeds"
  Lyn M. Van Swol, Andrew Prahl, & Miranda R. Kolb, "The Roles of Ingroup Identification and Implicit Bias in Assessing the Effectiveness of a Virtual Diversity Education Program"
  Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz & Astrid Villamil, "'It's a bit complicated:' Group Discussion of Known or Novel Scientific Information about Climate Change"
  Joseph A Bonito & Joann Keyton, "Introduction to Machine Learning: Teaching Computers to Code Group Interaction Data"
2016 Johny Garner and John Ragland, "Tabling, discussing, and giving in: Meeting dissent in three workgroups"
  Emily Paskewitz and Stephenson Beck, "When work and family merge: Understanding intragroup conflict experiences in family farm business"
  Andrew Pilny, Marshall Scott Poole, Ashley Reichelmann, and Brennan Klein, "Results of an online public goods group game based on three traditions of communication theory"
  Alaina Zanin and Ryan Bisel, "Triggering a team's collective resistance: The managerial inquisition" 
2015 Johny Garner and Debra L. Iba, “I Don’t Like What You’re Saying: Gaze Duration as a Response to Group Dissent”
  Toshio Murase, Raquel Asencio, Joseph D. McDonald, Marshall Scott Poole, Leslie A. DeChurch, and Noshir S. Contractor, "The Effect of Entrainment of Group Processes on Multiteam System Effectiveness"
  Andrew Ishak and Elizabeth A. Williams, "Learning in Critical Teams: Borrowed Experience in Wildland Firefighting"
  Sarah Marie Staggs, Jennifer N. Ervin, and Joseph A. Bonito, "Is Time on Our Side? Investigating Group Decision-making Processes Over a Series of Tasks"
2014 Kevin Barge, Josh Barbour, and Kathy Isaacson, "Playing the Prosperity Game: Assessing the Impact of Large Group Interventions"
  Andrew Pilny, Alex Yahja, Scott Poole, and Melissa Dobosh, "Dynamic Communication Patterns and Performance in Small Groups"
  Jennifer Ervin, Joe Bonito, and Joann Keyton, "Intra- and Interpersonal Characteristics of Group Discussion: Application of the Latent Group Model to a Series of Meetings"
2013 Johny Garner and Debra L. Iba, "Disconnections: Changes in Eye Contact and Attraction Scores as Indicators of Students' Ostracism Toward a Dissenter"
  Jonathan Matusitz and Taylor Armstrong, "Hezbollah as a Group Phenomenon: Differential Association Theory" 
  Lyn Van Swol, Michael Braun, Emily Acosta Lewis, Cassandra Carlson, and Giovana Dimperio, "Minority Influence and Communication in Group Discussions of Controversial Issues"
2012 Courtney Pade and Janet Fulk, “Examining Social Exchange in Transactive Memory Systems”
  Mary Ann Renz, “Untangling the Connection Between Community-building and Problem-solving Theories for Groups”
  Bradley Wesner, “You’re Either S.W.A.T. or You’re not: An Analysis of Reliability and Resilience in High Reliability Teams”
2011 Elizabeth Carlson, "Impersonal, Interpersonal, and Hyperpersonal: Social Media Contact and Perceptions of Team Processes and Outcomes"
  Mary Lynn Henningsen, Valentina Cotini, David Henningsen, Chance McWorthy, and Emily McWorthy, "Normative and Informational Influence in Decision-Making Groups: A Goals-Plans-Actions Approach"
  Isabel Botero and Amber Raile, "Understanding Participation In Groups: Individual And Group Factors That Influence Willingness To Voice Ideas In Groups"
2010 Sunwolf Sunwolf and Laura Leets, "Peer Group Rejection: The Stress of Exclusing Others, Being Excluded, or Watching Group Exclusion as Children Age"
  Joseph Bonito and Renee Meyers, "Examining Functional Communication from a Socio-Egocentric Perspective: Application of a Latent Group Model"
  Hillary Shulman and Gwen Wittenbaum, "Promoting Perceived Deliberative Success through Group Communication"
2007 Joseph Walter and Natalie Bazarova 
  Zuoming Wang
  Ling Xia, Connie Yuan, and Geri Gay
2006 Carolyn Prentice, "The Assimilation of In-Laws: The Impact of Newcomers on the Structuration of Families"
  Lyn Van Swol and Janet Sniezek, "The effects of Advisor Motives on Confidence and Advice Utilization"
  John Gastil, Stephanie Burkhalter, and Laura Black, "Do Juries Deliberate? A study of deliberation, individual difference, and group member satisfaction at a munincipal courthouse"
2005 Ron Warren, Joann Keyton, Allison Alexander, and Doug Behrend, "Work and play well with others: Group behavior in television sitcoms"
  Lyn Van Swol and Emily Seinfeld, "Differences between minority, majority, and unanimous group members in the communication of information"
  Mary Ann Renz, "The meaning of consensus and blocking for cohousing groups"
2004 Cartwright Stephens and Derek R. Lane, "Clarifying cohesion and its relationship to groupthink: A multi-semester exploration of the cohesion dilemma in collaborative teams"
  David D. Henningsen, Mary Lynn Henningsen, and Jen Eden, "Finding groupthink in the laboratory" 
  John T. Garner and Marshall Scott Poole, "Opposites attract: The emergence of leadership as interaction between a leader and a foil"
2003 Gwen Wittenbaum and Isabel Botero, "Information Sharing among Members of Decision-Making Work Groups"
  Mike Allen, "Communication and Social Loafing: A Meta-Analysis" 
  Jennifer Considine, Renee Meyers, and C.R. Timmerman, "Evidence Use in Group Quiz Discussions: How Do Students Support Preferred Choices?
  Daisy Lemus, David Seibold, Andrew Flanigan, and Miriam Metzger, "Argument and Decision Making in Computer-Mediated Groups"
2002 Sunwolf Sunwolf and Laura Leets, "Being Left Out: Communication Group Boundaires and Resisting Inclusion Attempts in Childhood Peer Groups"
  Arthur Van Lear, Robert A. Walker, Megan A. Sheehan, and Lesley A. Withers, "AA Online: The Enactment of Supportive Computer-Mediated Communication"
  Yan Xu, "A Structural Equations Analysis of the Transactive Memory Model"
2001 Joseph A. Bonito, "An Information-Processing Approach to Participation in Small Groups"
  Tammie J. Ulrich, Mike Allen, and Edward A. Mabry, "A Meta-Analysis of Decision Quality in Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Groups"
  Michael W. Kramer, "Community Theatre as a Bona Fide Group: Role Management in a 'Third Place' Group"
  Kelby K. Halone, "Explaining (In)Competent Group Decision Making: (Re)Conceptualizing Social Loafing as an Interactive Outcome of Communication Competence and Group Leadership"
2000 Andrew J. Flanagin, Vanessa Tiyaamornwong, Joan O'Connor, Minu Sebastian, and David R. Seibold, "Gender Effects in Anonymous, Computer Mediated Group Work" 
  Valerie E. Barker, Jessica R. Abrams, Vanessa Tiyaamornwong, David R. Seibold, Ashley Duggan, Hee Sun Park, and Minu Sebastian, "New Contexts for Relational Communication in Groups"
  Stephanie J. Coopman, "Decision Making in 'Real Teams': A Study of Hospice Interdisciplinary Teams"
1999 Craig R. Scott, Volker Frank, Karen M. Wolff, Charlotte Sullivan, and Barbara Foster, "Communication Technology Use and Key Outcomes in Groups: A Comparison of Site and Virtual Teams"
  Tara Wachtel, Renee A. Meyers, and Dale E. Brashers, "Exploring Argumentative Competence in Group Decision making Interactions"
  Sunwolf Sunwolf, "Telling Tales in Jury Deliberations: Jurors' Use of Fictionalized and Factually-based Storytelling in Argument" 
1988 Renee Meyers, Dale Brashers, and Jennifer Jerzak, "Majority/Minority Influence: Identifying Argumentative Patterns and Predicting Argument - Outcome Links"
  Tim Kuhn, "Group Process and Group Performance: A Qualitative, Longitudinal Analysis of Conflict and Decision-Making" 
  Craig Scott

Laura Crowell Best Dissertation/Thesis Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Paul Ahn, "Study II: Innovative Ideas Desire Earlier Communication: Exploring Reverse Serial-Order Effect and Liberating Cognitive Constraint for Organizational Problem-Solving"
2020 Xun Zhu, "The communicative etiology of consensual stereotypes: Integrating common information bias and positive ingroup bias"
2019 Yaguang Zhu (University of Texas-Austin)
2017 Maggie Boyraz, "'How to Break the "Invisible Walls': The Role of Communicative Practices for Overcoming Challenges of Subgroups in Global Terms"
2016 Emily Paskewitz, "When work and family merge: Understanding intragroup conflict experiences in family farm businesses" 
2015 Bingqing Wang, "Dispostional agreeableness predicts ostracising others at work"
2014 Andrew W. Ishak, "Time Out: Organization Training for Improvisation in Life Saving Critical Teams"
2013 Katherine Knobloch, "Civic (Re)Socializing: The Transformative Potential of Deliberative Public Sphere Structures" 
2012 Chih-Hui Lai, "Living History with the Internet: Probing the Sustainability of Mixed-Mode Groups through an Ecological and Evolutionary Lens"
2010 Marie Lehmann, "Reflexivity training in German work groups: Impact on negative and positive communication practices"
2009 Stephenson J. Beck, "The Communicative Creation of Meetings: An Interaction Analysis of Meeting Thought Units and Meeting Activites in Three Natural Meeting Contexts"
2007 Laura Black, "Deliberation, Difference, and the Story: How Storytelling Manages Identity and Conflict in Deliberative Groups"
2006 Stephen Rains, "What's in a Name? Two Studies examining the impact of anonymity on perceptions of course credibility and influence"
2005 Connie Yuan, "The impact of social capital on the development of transactive memory systems"
2004 Jonathan M. Bowman, "Effects of time pressue and information access on hidden profile solution in decision-making groups"
2003 Jennifer Considine, "Group centered learning in post-secondary education"
2002 Isabel Botero, "Effects of leadership and task demonstrability on information repetition in decision-making groups"
2001 Kristin Doleman Charles, "Goal Coordination in Decision-Making Groups: An Evaluation of Group Argument Effects on Group Goals"
2000 Jane Maccourbrie, "The Content of Decision-Making: Decision Logics in Juries"

Marshall Scoot Poole Career Achievement Award

Year Award Winner
2016 Dean Hewes
2015 Joann Keyton
2012 Renee A. Meyers
2011 David Seibold
2010 Larry Frey
2006 Scott Poole

Dennis Gouran Research Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Joseph A. Bonito & Joann Keyton, "A Valence-Based Account of Group Interaction and Decision Making"
2022 Bei Yan , Andrea B. Hollingshead, Kristen S. Alexander, Ignacio Cruz, & Sonia Jawaid Shaikh, "Communication in Transactive Memory Systems: A Review and Multidimensional Network Perspective," published in Small Group Research in 2021. 
  Jiawei Sophia Fu, Michelle Shumate, & Noshir Contractor, "Organizational and Individual Innovation Decisions in an Interorganizational System: Social Influence and Decision-Making Authority," published in Journal of Communication in 2020.
2021 Emma Frances Bloomfield, Lyn Van Swol, Chen-Ting Chang, Stephanie Willes, & Paul Hangsan Ahn;"The Effects of Establishing Intimacy and Consubstantiality on Group Discussions About Climate Change Solutions," published in Science Communication, 42(3), 369-394 in 2020.;
2020 Bei Yan, Young Ji Kim, Andrea B. Hollingshead, and David P. Brandon, "Conceptualizing Online Groups as Multidimensional Networks" The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology (2019).
2019 Emily A. Paskewitz and Stephenson J. Beck Paskewitz, E. A., & Beck, S. J. (2018). "Exploring Member-Leader Behaviors and Interaction in an Online Support Group." Small Group Research, 49(4), 452-474.
2018 Lyn Van Swol and Cassandra Carlson, "Language Use and Influence Among Minority, Majority, and Homogeneous Group Members" Communication Research, 44(4), 512-529
2017 Joseph Walther, Elaine Hoter, Asmaa Ganayem, Miri Shonfeld, "Computer-mediated communication and the reduction of prejudice: A controlled longituinal field experiment among Jews and Arabs in Isreal" Computer in Human Behavior, 52, 550-558
2016 Jessica Neff, Janet Fulk, and Y. Connie Tuan, "Not in the mood? Affective state and tranactive communication" Journal of Communication, 64 (2015): 785-998
2015 R. Braustein and R. Wood Fulton, "The Role of Bridging Cultural Practices in Racially and Socioeconomically Diverse Civic Organizations" American Sociological Review, 79 (2014): 705-25
2014 E Minei and Ryan Bisel, "Negotiating the Meaning of Team Expertise A Firefighter Team's Epistemic Denial" Small Group Research, 44 (2013): 7-32
2013 Joe Bonito, E K Ruppel, and Joann Keyton, "Reliability estimates for multilevel designs in group research" Small Group Research, 43 (2012):443-467
2012 Torsten Reimer, Andrea Reimer, & Verlin B. Hinsz, “Naïve Groups Can Solve the Hidden-Profile Problem,” Human Communication Research 36 (2010):443-467
2011 Amy L. Gonzales, Jeffrey T. Hancock, and James W. Pennebaker, "Language Style Matching as a Predictor of Social Dynamics in Small Groups" Communication Research (2010)
2010 Dean Hewes, "The influence of communication processes on group outcomes: Antithesis and thesis" Human Communication Research, 35 (2009): 249-271
2009 Connie Y. Yuan, Janet Fulk, and Peter R. Monge, "Access to information in connective and communal transactive memory systems" Communication Research, 34(2) (2007):131-155
2008 David Seibold and Renee A. Meyers, "Group argument: A structuration perspective and research program" Small Group Research, 38(3) (2007):312-336 
2007 Lyn Van Swol and Emily Seinfeld, "Differences between Minority, Majority, and Unanimous Group Members in the Communication of Information" Human Communication Research, 32 (2006)
2006 Stephen Corman and Timothy Kuhn, "The detectability of socio-egocentric group speech: A quasi-turning test" Communication Monographs, (2005)
2005 Michael Kramer, "Toward a communication theory of group dialectics: An ethnogrpahic study of a community theater group" Communication Monographs, (2004)
2004 Michele Jackson and Scott Poole, "Idea-generation in naturally ocurring contexts: Complex appropriation of a simple group procedure" Human Communication Research, (2003)
2003 Joseph Bonito, "The analysis of particiaption in small groups: Methodological and conceptual issues related to interdependence" Small Group Research, (2002)
2002 Renée Meyers, Dale Brashers, and Jennifer Hanner, "Majority/minority influence: Identifying argumentative patterns and predicting argument-outcome links" Journal of Communication, (2002)
2001 Tim Kuhn and Scott Poole, "Do Conflict Management Styles Affect Group Decision Making? Evidence from a Longitudinal Field Study" Human Communication Research, (2000)
2000 Sunwolf and David Seibold, "Jurors' Intuitive Rules For Deliberation: A Structurational Approach to Communication in Jury Decision Making" Communication Monographs, (1998)

Ernest Bormann Research Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Stephenson J. Beck, Joann Keyton, & Marshall Scott Poole," The Emerald Handbook of Group and Team Communication Research
2021 John Gastil & Katherine Knobloch, Hope for Democracy: How Citizens Can Bring Reason Back into Politics, published by Oxford University Press in 2019.
2018 Andrew Pilny and Marshall Scott Poole, Group Processes: Data-Driven Computational Approaches (Springer, 2017)
2013 Andrea Hollingshead and Marshall Scott Poole, Methods for Studying Small Groups and Teams, A Guide to Approaches, Tools, and Technologies (Routledge, 2012)
2011 John Gastil, E Pierre Deess, Philip Weiser, and Cindy Simmons, The Jury and Democracy: How Jury Deliberation Promotes Civic Engagement and Political Participation (Oxford University Press, 2010)
2007 Lawrence R. Frey, Facilitating Group Communication in Context (Hampton Press, 2005)
2006 Marshall Scott Poole and Andrea Hollingshead, Theories of Small Groups: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, (SAGE, 2005)
2004 Lawrence R. Frey, Group communication in context: Studies of Bona fide groups, (2nd ed.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associations, 2003
2003 Lawrence R. Frey, New directions in Group Communication, (SAGE, 2001)
2001 Joann Keyton, "The Relational Side of Groups" Small Group Research, 31 (2000):387-396
2000 Larry Frey, Dennis Gouran, and Scott Poole, The Handbook of Group Communication Theory and Research, (SAGE, 1999)