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The Women's Caucus mission is to advocate for women's improved status, voice, and opportunities in the discipline. In doing so, we are committed to exploring the diversity and complexities of women's lives in terms of their academic and professional experiences. In keeping with the spirit of this mission, the caucus encourages innovative and alternative ways of understanding and investigating women's experiences. We are committed to building alliances with other NCA divisions and caucuses that are interested in creating opportunities for students, recent graduates, and/or scholars who have not previously participated in NCA programming.

  • Chair: Diana Martinez
  • Vice Chair: Logan Rae Gomez 
  • Second Vice Chair: Rebecca Mercado Jones
  • Third Vice Chair: Nivia Escobar Salazar
  • Immediate Past Chair: Kate LaPierre
Legislative Assembly
  • Diana Martinez

Women's Caucus Membership 

Official count taken each January.

108th Annual Convention -- New Orleans, LA -- November 17-20, 2022

Convention Calls
  • WC Call -- Deadline: Thu, 3/31 2022 3:00 AM EDT
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