LPH Chapter Activities

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Several ideas for potential activities and events that your Lambda Pi Eta chapter could host are listed below. The majority of these suggestions are real examples from current chapters around the nation.

Programming that promotes pride in the study and practice of Communication: 

  • Developing a student awards program for the chapter (e.g. Member of the Year)
  • Organizing and hosting public speaking competitions
  • Supporting and Incentivizing student submissions to and participation in activities at the NCA Annual Convention
  • Attending and/or presenting papers at state and regional conferences (e.g. Eastern Communication Association)
  • Producing a local Lambda Pi Eta newsletter to share with your university community

Programming that promotes interaction between students and the faculty, department, or university: 

  • Offering faculty presentations of ongoing research projects or of methodological issues related to the study of Communication
  • Scheduling meet-and-greet mixers for students to socialize and network with faculty
  • Developing mentoring programs that pair students and faculty members with related interests 

Programming that promotes professional development and furthers the study and practice of Communication: 

  • Inviting area professionals to participate in panel discussions about working within their given fields
  • Organizing Career Days and/or meet-and-greets with area professionals working in Communication
  • Supporting community based and/or charitable communication efforts (e.g. get out the vote campaigns, health campaigns, etc.)
  • Planning and hosting department or university-wide resume writing or interview skills workshops
  • Developing mentoring or tutoring programs that pair upperclassmen LPH members with incoming freshmen in Communication
  • Hosting graduate school and alumni panels

Programming that fosters social interaction between students and their local chapter and communities: 

  • Conducting fundraising activities in support of local charitable organizations
  • Planning and executing community service projects (e.g. volunteering at local homeless shelters, hosting charitable drives (such as food drives, toy drives, blood drives), reading at children's hospitals or nursing homes, etc.)
  • Organizing a themed film series with post-film discussions and analysis
  • Arranging and sponsoring midterms and/or finals study groups and study breaks
  • Establishing an alumni advisory board for members who wish to stay involved with the chapter after graduation

Programming Resources 

  • How to Plan a Communication Studies Day Event - Task List and Timeline