NCA Releases New Video on Critical Race Theory

Video screenshot
July 7, 2022

In a new “NCA Concepts and Praxis in Communication” video, Aisha Durham, Associate Professor in the USF Department of Communication, explains Critical Race Theory and how it has been applied in Communication research. According to Durham, “As a framework, Critical Race Theory (CRT) sees race not as biologically determined… We see race as being produced, as being socially constructed. It is embedded in our social, economic, and political institutions.” Watch the video today and check out all of the videos in the series on the NCA website

And, in case you missed it, NCA recently released a statement affirming the importance of academic freedom within the classroom, particularly in response to legislative activity aimed at curtailing “freedoms to engage in the teaching of, and communication about, CRT and other theories which examine the historical and current impact of their principles.” View the full statement here