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The Peace and Conflict Communication Division promotes the teaching, scholarship, and practice of conflict management and peace communication at all levels, such as interpersonal, intergroup organizational, community, national, and international contexts. Our members include academics and practitioners in fields including, but not limited to, negotiation, mediation, dispute system design, peace and conflict instruction, peace communication, and peace and conflict communication criticism. The division embraces all methodological approaches, and members operate from a wide variety of perspectives, including social science, cultural interpretive, media criticism, rhetorical criticism, and more. We welcome new members interested in the examination and discussion of conflict communication.

2024 Interest Group Leadership

  • Chair: Garry Bailey
  • Vice Chair: Mark Finney
  • Vice Chair-Elect: Sheyla Finkelshteyn
  • Immediate Past Chair: Noura Hajjaj
  • Secretary: Erica Knotts
  • Information Officer: Rich Canevez


2024 NCA Positions

  • Legislative Assembly
    • Christian Vukasovich
    • Noura Hajjaj
  • NCA Nominating Committee 
    • Yael Warshel

PCCD Membership (2013-2024)

Official count taken in January.


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