Peace and Conflict Division

Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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John “Sam” Keltner Inspiration Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Ellie Hudd
2018 Norma Musih
2015 Lindsay Harroff
2014 Fatima Barakji
2013 Thomas McCluskey
2012 Jennifer Hawkins and Deborah DeCloedt Pincon
2011 Rachel Stohr
2008 Gregory Paul
2007 Gregory Paul
2006 Jane Stuart Baker

Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Tamara Dejanovic-Vukasovich and Christian Vukasovich, “At the Crossroads of Media and Fear: Using Nightmares to Sell War and Conflict”
2019 Louisa Ha, Yang Yang, Rik Ray, Frankline Matanji, Peiqui Chen, and Ke Guo, "How US and Chinese Media Cover the US-China Trade Conflict: A Case Study of War and Journalism Practice and the Foreign Policy Equilibrium Hypothesis"
2018 Elizabeth Hampton Hurst and John Haas, "Understanding social identity through children's drawing: How Syrian refugee orphans in Jordan draw their social groups"
2016 Gregory Paul and William Schenck-Hamlin, "Beliefs about Victim-Offender Conferences: Factors Influencing Victim-Offender Engagement"
2015 Deepa Anagondahalli and Lin Zhu, “Culture for the Student-Teacher Relationship”
2014 Madeline Maxwell, “Acrimony in Conflict Mediation”
2013 Sabine Chai, Edward L. Fink, and Deborah Cai, “Power Tactics in Negotiation: A Test and Application of Power Distance Reduction Theory”
2012 Erin Ortiz, “Discursive Linkages and Disjunctures between Human Rights and Labor Rights: A Case of the Unionization of Parish Workers with the U.S. Roman Catholic Church”
2011 Kathleen Krone and Sarah Steimel, “Cooperative Struggle: Re-Framing Intercultural Conflict in the Management of Sino-American Joint Ventures”
2010 Melissa Maier, Mike Allen, & Nancy Burrell, “International Conflict and Intervention: Application of the SAT Model”

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Ellie Hudd, “Reassessing Radicalization: A Case for Applying the Reinforcing Spirals Model to Online Ideological Drift”
2019 Mark Kazemzadeh, "Exploring constructive resilience: A qualitative investigation of the Bahá'i response to oppression"
2018 Norma Musih, "Miska is here!" Touring a Destroyed Palestinian Village in Isreal, Articulating a Silenced Memory, Performing a Civil Community"
2016 Michael Bergmaier, "From Pakistan to Sandy Hook: The (Im)Possibility of Equality in an Age of Constructed Targets"
2015 Lindsay Harroff, “Witnessing South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission: New Opportunities for Studying and Forming Community after Conflict”
2014 Fatima Barakji, “News Coverage of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabyia, and BBC Arabic’s Websites: A Comparative Content Analysis Study”
2013 Thomas McCluskey, “From Terrorism to Pragmatism: A Burkean Analysis of Hamas’ 2005 Electoral Victory”
2012 Jennifer Hawkins and Deborah DeCloedt Pincon, “New Directions for an Old Problem: Understanding the Nature and Impact of Bullying through Discourse Analysis”
2011 Rachel Stohr, “Organizing Dialogical Citizenship: A Pluralistic Alternative to Exclusionary Liberalism"
2008 Gregory Paul, “Forgiveness as Cultural Phenomenon: A Case Study of Amish and English Forgiveness"
2007 Gregory Paul, “Framing Accounts: Understanding the Account Episode as Negotiated Interpretation”
2006 Jane Stuart Baker, “Dialectics of Facework in Negotiations: Off-Record Meanings and Construction of Identities"

Outstanding Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Michael Major, “Allied Mediterranean Strategy in World War II: A Good Strategy with Poor Execution Due to Communication Failures”
2020 Meredith Pruden, “Black Pills and the Beta Uprising: Men’s Rights Discourses in The Daily Stormer”
2020 Lindsay Harroff, “Justice at a Crossroad: A Proposal for Truth and Reconciliation in the United States”
2020 elizaBeth Simpson, “Reviewing Restorative Circles: Principles for Practice and Theory” 

Outstanding Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Maria Subert, “A Roma Heritage Pilgrimage: Peace-Building and Redefinition of Identity in a Hungarian Roma Village”
2020 Ian Borton and Greg Paul, “The Crossroads of Retribution and Restoration: A Story of Justice”
2020 Nathalie Desrayaud, Gabriela R. Martin, and Fernando Olano-Vazquez, “Conflict Management, Ambivalent Sexism, and Latin Gender Roles”