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March 8, 2018

“Freedom of speech and the communication discipline: defending the value of low-value speech,” in Communication Education, published online February 2018, by Dale A. Herbeck.

  • This essay was one of several in the journal’s special issue, “Wicked Problems Forum: Freedom of Speech at Colleges and Universities.” The author analyzes various controversial campus speech incidents, recently, and historically. “Communication professors should be strong advocates for the freedom of journalists, scholars, and advocates to present controversial ideas, theories, and findings,” Herbeck writes. “We should be particularly wary of any and all efforts to harass, intimidate, or silence speakers.” 

“Ventriloqual voicings of parenthood in graduate school: an intersectionality analysis of work-life negotiations,” in Journal of Applied Communication Research, published online February 2018, by Ziyu Long, Abigail Selzer King, and Patrice M. Buzzanell.

  • In this study, the authors interview 30 graduate student-parents to study the intersectionalities of graduate student worker norms, gender ideologies of work and family, and cultural values of family and child-rearing responsibilities. The findings show that “Individuals are situated in push–pulls of multiple identities with competing responsibilities and expectations, in positions of ambiguity and ambivalence, and in spaces of dynamic, simultaneous, and competing structures in their constant work-life negotiations.” 

“Queer of color worldmaking: <marriage> in the rhetorical archive and the embodied repertoire,” in Text and Performance Quarterly, published online February 2018, by Robert Gutierrez-Perez and Luis Andrade.

  • The two authors explore the legalist forces in the textual archive of <marriage> through their personal narratives and experiences, before and after the passage of Proposition 8 in California. They write, “Despite the structural and ideological aspects of <marriage> that make it dangerous, queers of color need to push <marriage> to its limits to uncover the fissures and cracks of the institution and to embody the goal of transforming <marriage> into a dangerous form of resistance for queer people of color.”

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