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March 5, 2020
The newest episode of Communication Matters: The NCA Podcast features an interview with Steve Kidd and Dan Fisher from the National Humanities Alliance (NHA). NHA is a coalition of more than 200 organizations, including universities and scholarly associations, that develops best practices for advocating for the humanities and advocates for federal funding. NHA also works to promote the public value of the humanities. Kidd and Fisher discuss the NHA Annual Meeting, the National Humanities Conference, and Humanities for All, a program that promotes publicly engaged humanities work. The episode also features a conversation with Katherine Burton, Portfolio Development Specialist at Routledge, Taylor & Francis, which publishes NCA’s 11 academic journals. Burton discusses Routledge, Taylor & Francis's recently released article and book chapter collection titled, “Publishing and the Publicly Engaged Humanities.”  Kidd and Fisher and Burton
Cherwitz and Baxter On February 20, Rick Cherwitz, the Ernest S. Sharpe Centennial Professor Emeritus in the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin, and Catherine Baxter, Director of Partnerships at The OpEd Project, joined the podcast to discuss how scholars and teachers can get involved in writing op-eds and the importance of writing op-eds in this political moment. Want to get started writing podcasts? Listen to this exciting episode today.  

On February 27, a bonus episode featured an interview with Ashley Muddiman, Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas; Cynthia Peacock, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama; and Joshua Scacco, Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida. Muddiman, Peacock, and Scacco led students on conducting a joint survey to assess candidate campaign communication around the Iowa caucuses. You can read more about their Campaigns & Elections Field Research Project elsewhere in this issue of Inside & Out or listen to the episode on your favorite podcast app today! 

New episodes of Communication Matters are released every other Thursday. Upcoming episodes will feature Chuck Morris, Professor and the Chair of the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University, speaking on Communication research in the area of rhetoric and LGBTQ history, and Tom Nakayama, Professor of Communication Studies at Northeastern University, speaking on research on whiteness and international and intercultural communication. 

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