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NCA Spring 2020 CIDD Debate Series

February 6, 2020

NCA’s Committee on International Discussion and Debate (CIDD) promotes international understanding and the practice of communication through discussion and debates between students from the United States and those in other nations. This spring, Yuta Watanabe and Takuto Kasahara from Japan are visiting 11 U.S. host campuses to debate with U.S. students. 

Yuta Watanabe is a student of English Law. Yuta has experience with Japanese-language policy debate and has won numerous Japanese national debate awards. Yuta also has experience in English-language parliamentary debate.

Takuto Kasahara is a 2nd year student in the Law School at Kanazawa University and belongs to the Kanazawa Debate Club. Takuto appeared at the Japan Debate Association (JDA) Debate Tournament (2019) and the CODA National Tournament (2018 & 2019). 

2020 Japan-US Tour Schedule

Wheaton College 
February 23 – 25 

Duquesne University (Co-Host with Slippery Rock University)
February 25 – 27 

Slippery Rock University (Co-Host with Duquesne University)
February 27 – 29 

University of Georgia
February 29 – March 2

Randolph-Macon College
March 2 – 4 

Baylor University
March 4 – 6 

University of Southern Mississippi
March 6 – 8 

University of Denver
March 8 – 10 

Pierce College (Co-Host with CSU-Northridge)
March 10 – 12 

CSU-Northridge (Co-Host with Pierce College)
March 12 – 14 

University of Utah
March 14 – 17