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January 9, 2020

In the Media

Steven D. Cohen, Johns Hopkins University, described in Vanity Fair why Joe Biden’s use of filler words might have affected his message during last year’s debates. 

In a Daily Mail article, Jason Coronel, The Ohio State University, discussed how people can create their own fake news by misremembering statistics. 

Rachel Dubrofsky, University of South Florida, suggested in a Washington Post article that the next season of the “Biggest Loser” will still contain problematic messages about weight loss.  

In an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, Adria Goldman, University of Mary Washington, weighed in on the firings of Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough from “America’s Got Talent.” 

In the Daily Mail, Jeffrey Hall, University of Kansas, reported research results that suggest that abstaining from social media does not make people happier or less lonely.

In a Pepperdine University Graphic article, Roslyn M. Satchel, Pepperdine University, explains the tropes of lightness and darkness in literature and film.

In Wired magazine, Joseph Turow, University of Pennsylvania, sheds light on how Toys “R” Us and other marketers use surveillance technology. 

In an opinion piece in the Washington Examiner, Richard Vatz and Jeffrey A. Schaler argue that mental illness is not always the reason behind hate-fueled crimes.

New Books

Sandra L. Faulkner recently published Poetic Inquiry: Craft, Method and Practice.

Sandra L. Faulkner and Andrea England (Eds.) recently published Scientists and Poets #Resist.


Sarah Blithe received the Thornton Peace Prize from the University of Nevada, Reno. The award recognizes an individual or group from the university community who exemplifies by word or deed that use of force is not an acceptable means for settling disputes.

Richard Cherwitz received the Michael M. Osborn Teacher-Scholar Award from the Southern States Communication Association. The award will be presented at the SSCA Convention in April.

Amy Pason received the Dean's Award for Service from the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Nevada, Reno.