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Have You Seen NCA's Concepts in Communication Video Series?

July 8, 2019

Earlier this year, the National Communication Association launched a Concepts in Communication video series and has added new videos on a regular basis. The video series offers brief explanations of important and relevant communication topics. The videos can be used to introduce important concepts in the classroom, or in workshops and trainings.  The series includes videos on the following topics: 

  • Identifying Fake News 
    • An animated video explains how you can identify fake news. 
  • Speech Anxiety
    • Stephen Lucas, Professor of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin, describes speech anxiety, provides tips on combating those awful symptoms many get right before going on stage, and more.
    • An animated approach to speech anxiety and how to minimize it.
  • Digital Activism
    • Amber Johnson, Associate Professor of Communication and Social Justice at Saint Louis University, explains the basics of digital activism and how one can become an effective online activist.
  • Microagressions
    • Mark P. Orbe, Professor of Communication & Diversity at Western Michigan University, discusses how seemingly everyday personal interactions can affect people from diverse backgrounds.

These first five videos in the series have been uploaded to NCA's YouTube and Facebook pages. Check often for new videos. Be sure to share them with your colleagues and students!