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The Critical and Cultural Studies Division views communication and culture as mutually constitutive, and we are dedicated to fostering critical and interdisciplinary approaches to a broad range of topics. The division regards critical and cultural work as both organic and emergent. As such, we embrace diverse methodologies and heterogeneous theoretical perspectives. Our members privilege studying languages of knowledge, power. and disciplinarity, questioning how these components shape cultural and social practices across historical contexts, in “everyday life,” and in the classroom. We champion work that scrutinizes how discourses and practices impact individuals and communities, embodies insightful interpretation, and generates productive theorizing. Moreover, we are committed to the premise that teaching and scholarship are powerful tools for fostering social justice and promoting social change, in the academy and beyond.

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  • Chair: David Oh 
  • Vice Chair: Myra Washington 
  • Vice Chair-Elect: Bryan McCann  
  • Immediate Past Chair: Rachel Alicia Griffin 
  • Secretary: Mikayla Torres 
Legislative Assembly
  •  Rachel Alicia Griffin 
  •  David Oh 
  •  Myra Washington 
  •  Bryan McCann 

107th Annual Convention -- Seattle, Washington -- November 18-21, 2021

Call for Nominations
  • CCCS Call -- Deadline to submit materials is November 10! 
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