Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division

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The purpose of the Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division is to explore various cultural issues, politics, and strategies of engagement within Asian/Pacific American culture and examine power relationships among cultural communities. It encourages scholarship that explores ways to create dialogue on diasporic/transnational challenges and how diverse cultural identities intersect in the context of inter-Asia/Americas. The division works with the Asian/Pacific American Caucus to cultivate connections among these scholars and sponsor a business meeting, panels, and paper presentations at the NCA’s Annual Convention. 

  • Chair: Richie Neil Hao
  • Vice Chair: Ali Na
  • Vice Chair-Elect: Zhuo Ban
  • Second Vice Chair-Elect: Andy Kai-chun Chuang
  • Immediate Past Chair: Shaunak Sastry
  • Secretary: Keisuke Kimura
  • IDEA Council Representative: Anjuli Joshi Brekke  
  • Student Representatives: Megu Itoh, Tate Adams
Legislative Assembly
  • Richie Neil Hao
  • Ali Na

APACSD Membership 

*Official Membership Count is taken every January. 

108th Annual Convention -- New Orleans, LA -- Nov. 17 - 20, 2022.

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