Asian Pacific American Caucus & Studies Division

Interest Group Award

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2018 Ishani Mukherjee & Maggie Griffith Williams
2018 David C. Oh & Leilani Nishime
2018 Kevin Wang
2018 Thi Hai Ly Tran
2017 David Oh
2017 Ryan D'Souza
2017 Sarah Varabedian
2016 Yea-Wen Chen and Masato Nakazawa, “’They Don’t Know Where to Get Help’: A Case Study of Pan-Asian Organizing Discourses via Sentiment Analysis”
2016 Anuraj Dhillon and Carolyn Lin, “Exposure to Asian American Portrayals on Primetime Television: Predicting Viewer Perceptions of Model Minority Stereotypes”
2016 Alison Yeh, "Changing the Script: Social Scripts as Featured on Fresh off the Boat"
2016 Kylie Lanthorn, "Buying Progress: Producing Narratives of Modernity through Consumption in Hanoi, Vietnam"
2015 Peter Zhang, “The Human Seriousness of Interality: An East Asian Take”
2015 Mark Brians and JongHwa Lee, “Iolani Palace and the Rhetoric of Restoration”
2015 Jillian Moga, "A Defiant Presence: A Rhetorical Criticism of Vijay Iyer's Yale Asian American Reunion Keynote Address"
2015 Elizabeth S. Parks, "Hybridized Heads: A Critical Analytic Autoethnography of Mixed Asian American and Disability Identities" 
2014 Qin Zhang, “Perceived Intergroup Stereotypes, Threats, and Emotions toward Asian Americans”
2014 Koeli Goel, “Reading silences: Re-visioning an authentic past beyond a maze of curatorial choices in museums of postcolonial India’
2014 Michael Park, “Psy-zing Up the Mainstreaming of ‘Gagnam Style’: Embracing Asian Masculinity as Neo-Minstrelsy?"
2014 Siyuan Yin, “The Powerless in Contemporary China: News Representations of Rural Women and Female Migrants”
2013 Linda Dam, “Domestic Violence: A Phenomenological Approach to the Justifications and Acceptance of Controlling Behavior Among Americans of Asian Descent”
2013 Ling Yang, “The Threat of a Million Imperialists”
2013 Sumanth Inukonda, “Home and Away: Telangana Online Diaspora and Political Participation”
2012 Keeley Buehler Hunter, “Representations of Race, Class, and Gender in Fashion: A Critique of Dior’s 2007 Spring/Summer Collection”
2012 Eura Jung, “Korean Americans’ Perceptions of Racial Distances, Interracial Interaction, and Depression Level”
2012 Ling Yang, “Anti-exclusion Rhetoric of Chinese American Immigrants during the Exclusion Era, 1882-1945”
2012 Dexin Tian and Chin-Chung Chao, “Efforts to Launch Policies on Online Copyright Protection and Innovation in the U.S.: Implications to China”


Graduate Student Travel Awards

Year Award Winner
2017 Chenjie Zhang
2017 Chendan Lui-Laughton
2017 Emi Kanemoto
2016 Noorie Baig 
2016 Yeng (Alice) Cheng
2015 Elizabeth S. Parks
2015 Jenny Ungbha Korn
2015 Natasha Shrikant