COMMNotes Position Announcements Frequently Asked Questions and Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My department used to submit position announcements via a Word Document. Is that form still accepted? 
    No, please do not submit Microsoft Word forms that were used for CRTNET. Instead, please use NCA’s online form
  2. I’m having trouble logging in to the NCA website. Can I just email a position announcement to
    No, please do not email announcements directly to COMMNotes. If you’re having trouble logging in or submitting a position announcement, please reach out to
  3. I think my department has a membership, but I’m seeing a charge for the position announcement. What should I do? 
    It’s possible that your membership may need to be renewed or that your account may not be linked to the correct institutional department. Please email NCA Membership Associate Jennifer Fletcher at to resolve the issue.  
  4. I see the text of a previous position announcement when I look at the COMMNotes form. Is it okay to delete that? 
    Yes, the online form preserves previous submissions, but you should delete any text that does not apply to the current position being posted before submitting the form. 
  5. Can I post my position announcement more than once?
    No, position announcements can only be posted once. 
  6. My position announcement has been updated (e.g., the deadline has been extended). Can I post the position again? 
    If you have a department membership, you may resubmit your updated position announcement. Please include all updated information, such as revised deadlines, to expedite the process. If you do not have a department membership, please email your updated announcement directly to Please note in the email that the announcement has been updated and what has changed. 
  7. My university has multiple openings for the same position (e.g., Multiple Lecturers of Health Communication). How is that handled? 
    If there is only one application form or position description, please submit the positions as one announcement. You may indicate in the announcement how many roles you’re seeking to fill. 
  8. Can I submit multiple positions (e.g., Assistant Professor of Health Communication, Assistant Professor of Media Studies) in the same announcement? 
    Please do not include position announcements for different positions in one submission. Each position should be submitted as a separate announcement using NCA’s online form. If your department will be posting more than one position, it is less expensive to purchase a department membership ($150/year) than to pay for more than one position announcement. 
  9. My department has an open rank position. Should that be submitted as multiple announcements? 
    Open rank positions should be submitted as one announcement. You may indicate in the position title that the position is an open rank position by saying “Open rank” or “Assistant/Associate/Full Professor,” as appropriate.  
  10. How long can my position announcement be? 
    There is no limit on position announcement length. 
  11. Do I have to include a contact person? Who should be included as the contact person for my position announcement?
    Yes, you must include a contact person. The contact person is typically the search chair, department chair, or human resources representative. 
  12. I’ve copied and pasted my department’s online posting into the COMMNotes submission form. Is there anything else I need to do? 
    If there is hyperlinked text, please insert the full URLs into your submission. For example, instead of “Learn more about NCA here,” please write, “Learn more about NCA here:” Please ensure that all URLs, including application URLs, are written out fully.  
  13. My department has a table, image, or other document that we would like to include in our position announcement. Can we do that? 
    No graphics or other attachments can be included in COMMNotes position announcements. We recommend that you provide a link to a PDF or a full online application page if additional information is required.
  14. I made a mistake in my position announcement. What should I do? 
    Please email if you realize that there is a problem with your submission. 
  15. Who can I contact if I have questions about COMMNotes Position Announcements? 
    Please reach out to with general questions. 
  16. Are COMMNotes Position Announcements the same as the NCA Career Center? 
    No, the NCA Career Center is a separate service, facilitated by a third party. The login is separate from the NCA website. 
  17. Where should I go if I have questions about the NCA Career Center? 
    If you need assistance using the NCA Career Center platform facilitated by YMCareers by Community Brands, please contact the vendor, YourMembership, at or 860-437-5700, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Eastern.


Before beginning your submission, we recommend that you consult this checklist to ensure a smooth submission process. 

  • I have checked whether my department’s membership is current. 
  • My account is linked to my organization’s account. 
  • I have logged in to the online form.
  • I have cleared out all previous submission information (if any) to ensure that the form is empty before beginning my announcement. 
  • I have included the appropriate contact name and email. This is typically the search chair, the department chair, or another individual authorized to answer questions about the position. This information is required
  • I have included the full URL for any necessary hyperlinks, such as the Campus Safety Report, the online application, and the department webpage. Any hyperlinked text will become plain text when submitted. Please ensure that all URLs are written out fully, such as 
  • All URLs are included at the end of sentences or after paragraphs, not in the middle of sentences. Long URLs will not be published in the middle of sentences and will be moved the end of sentences or paragraphs as appropriate. 
  • I have included an application URL OR instructions for candidates to apply, such as emailing specific information to the search chair. 
  • I have reviewed my position announcement and confirmed that it is exactly how I would like it to appear in COMMNotes. 

Announcements will typically be included in an issue of COMMNotes within 24 to 48 hours of submission. If you realize that you have made an error, please email Any errors or missing information in position announcements may delay posting. Please ensure that is on your safe senders list, so that all necessary information is received.