NCA History

Statler Hotel in Chicago

The National Communication Association was founded in 1914 as the National Association of Academic Teachers of Public Speaking and has evolved through the leadership of many visionary individuals. Today, the association has thousands of members from every state and all around the globe. Our members are educators, practitioners, and students of the Communication arts and sciences.

NCA Founders

  • I.M. Cochran, Carleton College 
  • Loren Gates, Miami University 
  • J.S. Gaylord, Winona Normal 
  • H.B. Gislason, University of Minnesota 
  • H.B. Gough, DePauw University 
  • Binney Gunnison, Lombard College 
  • C.D. Hardy, Northwestern University 
  • J.L. Lardner, Northwestern University 
  • G.N. Merry, University of Iowa 
  • James M. O’Neill, University of Wisconsin (First President) 
  • J.M. Phelps, University of Illinois 
  • F.M. Rarig, University of Minnesota
  • Lew R. Sarett, University of Illinois
  • B.C. Van Wye, University of Cincinnati 
  • J.A. Winans, Cornell University
  • I.L. Winter, Harvard University
  • C.H. Woolbert, University of Illinois