NCA Election Slates

Prior to 1956, presidents were selected at the annual meeting of the association, with the membership ratifying the selection of candidates put forth by a nominating committee. A constitutional revision enacted in 1954 that became effective in 1956 provided for the election of officers of the association by ballot rather than at the annual meeting. The first president elected in this manner was John Dietrich, who was chosen as second vice-president in 1956 and who succeeded to the presidency in 1959. A list of elected second vice presidents and their opponents is listed below. 

Year Elected Opponent
1956 John Dietrich (Ohio State University) T. Earle Johnson (University of Alabama)
1957 Kenneth G. Hance (Michigan State University) Orville Hitchcock (University of Iowa)
1958 Ralph G. Nichols (University of Minnesota) Hubert Heffner (Indiana University)
1959 Waldo Braden (Louisiana State University) Frederick Haberman (University of Wisconsin)
1960 Ernest J. Wrage (Northwestern University) Robert Clark (San Jose State College)
1961 Robert T. Oliver (Penn State University) Carroll Arnold (Penn State University)
1962 J. Jeffery Auer (Indiana University) Douglas Ehninger (University of Iowa)
1963 John W. Black (Ohio State University) Leroy Laase (University of Nebraska)
1964 Wayne C. Minnick (Florida State University) William McCoard (University of Southern California)
1965 Douglas Ehninger (University of Iowa) Richard Murphy (University of Illinois)
1966 Marie Hochmuth Nichols (University of Illinois) George Bohman (Wayne State University)
1967 Donald C. Bryant (University of Iowa) Wallace Bacon (Northwestern University)
1968 William S. Howell (University of Minnesota) Robert Nebergall (University of Oklahoma)
1969 Theodore Clevenger, Jr. (Florida State University) Malcolm Sillars (University of Utah)
1970 Robert C. Jeffrey (University of Texas) James McBath (University of Southern California)
1971 Samuel L. Becker (University of Iowa) Robert Cathcart (CSU-Los Angeles)
1972 Wayne Brockriede (University of Colorado) Herman Cohen (Penn State University)*
1973 Lloyd Bitzer (University of Wisconsin) Gerald R. Miller (Michigan State University)
1974 Wallace Bacon (Northwestern University) Marcella Oberle (CSU-Los Angeles)
1975 Jane Blankenship (University of Massachusetts) James McBath (University of Southern California)
1976 Ronald R. Allen (University of Wisconsin) Gerald R. Miller (Michigan State University)
1977 Malcolm Sillars (University of Utah) Dwight Freshley (University of Georgia)
1978 Anita Taylor (St. Louis Community College)+ Robert Heimerl (Stillwater H.S., Minnesota); Phillip Tompkins (Purdue University)
1979 Frank Dance (University of Denver) Herbert Simons (Temple University)
1980 Kenneth Andersen (University of Illinois) William Brooks (University of Oklahoma)
1981 John Waite Bowers (University of Iowa) Gerald Mohrmann (University of California-Davis)
1982 Beverly Whitaker Long (University of North Carolina) James R. Andrews (Indiana University)
1983 Donald Ecroyd (Temple University) Lucy Keele (CSU-Fullerton)
1984 Patti Gillespie (University of Maryland) Wil Linkugel (University of Kansas)
1985 Michael Osborn (Memphis State University) Jesse Delia (University of Illinois)
1986 Gustav Friedrich (University of Oklahoma) James Fletcher (University of Georgia)
1987 Mark Knapp (University of Texas) Carolyn Calloway-Thomas (Indiana University)
1988 Dennis Gouran (Penn State University) James Chesebro (Queens College)
1989 Dale Leathers (University of Georgia) Judith Trent (University of Cincinnati)
1990 David Zarefsky (Northwestern University) Judy Pearson (Ohio University)
1991 Bruce Gronbeck (University of Iowa) Mary Francis HopKins (Louisiana State University)
1992 Sharon Ratliffe (Golden West College) James Applegate (University of Kentucky)
1993 James Chesebro (Indiana State University) Orlando Taylor (Howard University)
1994 Judith Trent (University of Cincinnati) Martha Solomon (University of Maryland)
1995 John Daly (University of Texas) Charles Bantz (Arizona State University)
1996 Orlando Taylor (Howard University) Keith Erickson (University of Southern Mississippi)
1997 Raymie McKerrow (Ohio University) Carolyn Calloway-Thomas (Indiana University)^
1998 James Applegate (University of Kentucky) Linda Lederman (Rutgers University)
1999 V. William Balthrop (University of North Carolina) James McCroskey (West Virginia University)
2000 Judy Pearson (North Dakota State University) Robert Ivie (Indiana University)
2001 Isa Engleberg (Prince George's Community College) Gerard Hauser (University of Colorado)
2002 Martha Solomon (University of Nevada-Las Vegas) Lawrence Frey (University of Colorado)
2003 H. Dan O'Hair (University of Oklahoma) Alberto Gonzalez (Bowling Green State University)
2004 J. Michael Sproule (St. Louis University) Steven Beebe (Texas State University)
2005 Arthur P. Bochner (University of South Florida) Pamela Cooper (Northwestern University)
2006 Betsy Bach (University of Montana) Lynda Lee Kaid (University of Florida)
2007 Dawn Braithwaite (University of Nebraska) Diana Carlin (University of Kansas)
2008 Lynn Turner (Marquette University) Sherry Morreale (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)
2009 Richard West (Emerson College) Mary Lee Hummert (University of Kansas)
2010 Steven Beebe (Texas State University) Deanna Sellnow (University of Kentucky); Howard Sypher (Purdue University)
2011 Kathie Turner (Davidson College) Alberto Gonzalez (Bowling Green State University)
2012 Carole Blair (University of North Carolina) Ronald Arnett (Duquesne University)
2013 Christie Beck (Ohio University) Roseann Mandziuk (Texas State University)
2014 Stephen Hartnett (University of Colorado-Denver) Thomas Socha (Old Dominion University)
2015 Ronald L. Jackson II (University of Cincinnati) Michael Kramer (University of Oklahoma
2016 Star Muir (George Mason University) Bruce Henderson (Ithaca College)
2017 Kent Ono (University of Utah) Ronald Arnett (Duquesne University)
2018 David T. McMahan (Missouri Western State University) W. Bradford Mello (St. Xavier University)
2019 Roseann Mandziuk (Texas State University) Narissra Punyanunt-Carter (Texas Tech University)
2020 Walid Afifi (University of California-Santa Barbara) Bonnie J. Dow (Vanderbilt University)
2021 Marnel Niles Goins (Marymount University  No opponent
2022 Jeanetta Sims (University of Central Oklahoma Thomas Socha (Old Dominion University)

* Soon after his election, Wayne Brockriede resigned his office; he was replaced by Herman Cohen.
+ In 1978, Anita Taylor mounted a successful write-in campaign; no candidate received a majority in the first round of balloting; Taylor was elected in a run-off election over Tompkins.
^ The first vote in 1997 resulted in a tie between McKerrow and Calloway-Thomas; McKerrow was elected in a second vote.