SCH Membership and Materials

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In this section you will find the forms necessary for starting your chapter and ordering induction ceremony and graduation materials. It is important to remember that every chapter must renew its charter with the National Office before January 2 each year. Induction materials (certificates, pins, or honor cords) cannot be ordered through Award Concepts until the chapter is renewed.

Getting Started

To start a chapter, each school must meet the academic requirements and submit a chapter application, an Advisor's Pledge, and the $100 application fee (this cost covers the framed chapter charter and the chapter's first year of dues) payable by check (made payable to Sigma Chi Eta) or credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover).

Before Your Chapter Can Order Certificates, Pins, and Honor Chords 

  • All student members must submit the membership fee ($30) to their chapter prior to their induction. This one-time fee covers the student's lifetime membership in Sigma Chi Eta.  
  • Once the student submits the fee to their chapter, the chapter advisor is responsible for ordering - through the Awards Concepts online store - the student's personalized induction certificate and Sigma Chi Eta lapel pin.
  • Honor cords are also available for purchase at the cost of $9.85; they can be ordered at the same time as the certificates.

All SCH materials (certificates, pins, honor cords, etc.) must be ordered through Awards Concepts

  • Visit the Award Concepts website. 
  • Log in using your chapter's assigned passcode.
  • Follow the step-by-step ordering guide provided to successfully purchase your materials and induct new members.
  • Please always remember to proof your final certificates for inaccuracies (spelling errors, incorrect dates, etc.).

If you encounter any problems with the Award Concepts website, please use the Live Support link available on the web page or call Award Concepts at (800) 659-7801 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Time.