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The primary purpose of the Spirituality Communication Division is to promote an understanding of spirituality from a communication perspective. Within this division, spirituality is grounded in three basic understandings: First, communication is the spiritual pathway through which individuals and groups make sense of the uncertainties and mysteries of everyday life. Second, spiritual communication has the capacity to unite diverse communities through the recognition of our interconnectedness. Third, spirituality, broadly defined, provides a template for examining and attempting to live a meaningful life through myriad experiences, practices, beliefs, and traditions. The division encourages a diverse range of theories, methodologies, pedagogies, and pracitces, and when relevant, the division encourages submitters to consider the applied implications of their work.

  • Chair: Alexis Johnson
  • Vice Chair: Victoria Newsom
  • Vice Chair-Elect:  Malcolm Jason 
  • Immediate Past Chair: Lara Lengel
  • Secretary: Desiree Montenegro
Legislative Assembly
  • Alexis Johnson 
  • Victoria Newsom

107th Annual Convention -- Seattle, Washington -- November 18-21, 2021

Convention Calls
  • SCD Call -- Deadline March 31, 11:59 p.m. PST.
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