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April 13, 2023


Kent Ono, a Virgil C. Aldrich Faculty Fellow, University of Utah, delivered a Tanner Fellows Work in Progress lecture at the Tanner Humanities Center, March 23, on Racial Epistemologies. Racial Epistemologies explores knowledge as a tool for living and surviving racial oppression, building on race scholarship that centers perspectives and identities of oppressed peoples. In his rhetorical essay, the former NCA president, investigates “W.E.B. Dubois’s contribution to knowledge formation, his intellectual reverberations becoming resources for living and acting within oppression. Beyond racism as perpetual abjection and harm, DuBois’s epistemological inventiveness and generativity anticipates futures.” 

Communication campaigns and public conservation efforts are needed to address bee species decline, Shannon Cruz, Pennsylvania State University, told Eurasia “Many initiatives have focused on education as the solution to this problem, but education alone often isn’t enough to produce attitude and behavior change,” said Cruz, the lead author on a new study.  

In, Tasha Dunn Myers, University of Toledo, commented on social media’s significant and continued impact on information sharing and how people communicate.  

In an opinion piece for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Brandi Lawless, University of San Francisco, talks about changing politics and her small-town Pennsylvania roots.  

Turns out, the pain associated with heartbreak is not just emotional. According to Kory Floyd, University of Arizona, it can manifest in “skin hunger” or a craving for the human touch, he shared in Head

Eric Grabowsky, Dickinson State University, in a letter to the editor, responded to the March 7, Chronicle of Higher Education article, “Some States Want to Reshape Tenure. This Time, They Might Succeed.” 

Throughout your day, make time to engage in any type of communication, especially high-quality conversation. It can improve your well-being, make you happy, and less stressed suggests Jeffrey Hall, University of Kansas, in a new study he co-wrote. Hall shared findings in Time Bulletin USA.  

Are the British smarter and more informed than the Americans? Galina Bolden, Rutgers University, told a “puzzling misunderstanding” between an American and a Brit during a conversion sparked the question and her team’s new research on the subject.  

In this story, Brandon Van Der Heide, Michigan State University, shared his grief during a campus forum on gun control in the wake of the recent campus mass shooting. “I know what it felt like in the evening hours of Monday, February 13, to search every single news release while carefully cross-referencing my class lists and praying for the safety of my students. And I know what it was like on Monday, February 20, to have to face grieving, traumatized students in the midst of my own grief. And know what it’s like to openly weep in front of my class.” 

For couples, the shared experience of watching television shows together can do wonders for their relationship, including improve communication, Kevin Sauter, University of St. Thomas, told CBS.  

Brian Ott, Missouri State University, and co-author of “The Twitter Presidency: Donald J. Trump and the Politics of White Rage,” discussed the recent downing of three unknown aerial objects by U.S. fighter jets and the political implications for the 2024 presidential race with



NCA past president, Christina S. Beck was inducted into the Central States Communication Association Hall of Fame during its 92nd Annual Hall of Fame Luncheon & Business Meeting on March 31.  

Kathryn Anthony, interim executive associate dean of the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) Graduate School and an associate professor in the USM School of Media and Communication, is among Signature magazine’s “Top 20 Under 40 in the Pinebelt” honorees for 2023. 

Sara (Trask) Frank, an associate professor of communication, McKendree University, has received the 2023 United Methodist Exemplary Teacher of the Year Award.  

Jessica Thompson, Northern Michigan University (NMU), is the 2023 recipient of the Stephen Young & Tricia Kinley Distinguished Faculty Award—NMU's top academic honor.  

Bain Woodward, a senior communication student, has been inducted into Western Illinois University's chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's student honor fraternity. 

Adam Key, University of Arkansas at Monticello, is this year's recipient of the Journal of Communication Pedagogy Outstanding Article Award.  

University of Arkansas: Dr. Fred Jennings and Kate Kenski, were awarded the Article of the Year award from Eastern Communication Association for their article, "Fostering learning among women: The democratic outcomes of elaborative primes."