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This division brings together scholars and practitioners who focus on public dialogue and deliberation, the forces that constrain or enable such talk, and the consequences of their presence (or absence) in democratic society. The study of these subjects dates back to ancient Greek theories of rhetoric, which gave us forms of speech that endure to the present day, such as Socratic dialogue and deliberative assemblies. Current conceptions of these terms stress their potential to ameliorate social problems. Public dialogue may help address alienation and transform divisive conflicts by fostering genuine connection and intersubjective understanding, particularly across lines of difference. Democratic deliberation fuses respectful discourse and rigorous analysis to render well-reasoned collective judgments. This division of NCA aims to advance the theory and practice of dialogue and deliberation by encouraging critical and collaborative exchanges among those who have new ideas, experiences, and research findings on these subjects.

2024 Interest Group Leadership

  • Chair: Anna Wolfe, Texas A&M University
  • Vice Chair: Justin Reedy, University of Oklahoma
  • Vice Chair Elect: Don Waisanen, City University of New York, Baruch College
  • Immediate Past Chair: Becky Kuehl, South Dakota State University
  • Secretary: Philip Dalton, Hofstra University
  • PDDD Nominating Committee
    • Kara Dillard, James Madison University
    • Cynthia Peacock, University of Alabama
    • Carson S. Kay, Washburn University
    • Tamanda Chabvuta, Colorado State University
    • Chris Anderson, Wabash College


2024 NCA Positions

  • Legislative Assembly
    • Anna Wolfe, Texas A&M University
    • Becky Kuehl, South Dakota State University
  • Nominating Committee
    • Becky Kuehl, South Dakota State University

PDDD Membership (2016-2024)

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