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2024 Public Address Division (PAD) Welcome!

Hello from the Public Address Division (PAD)! It's my pleasure to invite you to submit your individual papers and discussion/paper panel proposals to the PAD this year! I'm also honored to recognize last year's award recipients and to announce the creation of several new awards to be administered in 2024! We are also grateful to this year's Vice-Chairs, Ryan Neville Shepard and Tom Dunn, as well as the new officers joining the division this year: DEIA Chair Ariel Seay-Howard and Vice-Chair Elect Rob Asen!

To recap some of last year's highlights, I'd like to congratulate the recipients of the 2023 Benson-Campbell Dissertation Proposal Research Award, Wrage-Baskerville Top Paper Award, and Robert Gunderson Top Student Paper Award. Last year, there were two recipients of the Benson-Campbell Award: Morgan DiCesare, (University of Iowa) for "Archival Care: 1970s Transfeminist Pasts and Futures") and Andrew Parayil Boge (University of Iowa) for “Brown Peril: Rhetorics of South  Asian American Racialization, 1900-1939."  The recipients of the Wrage-Baskerville Top Paper Award were  Jeffrey Nagel and Scott Varda (Baylor University) for “Deliberative Possibilities and Epideictic Dimensions of Quotidian Public Address: Reading the Comment Sections with Michael Sam.” Finally, the recipient of the Robert Gunderson Top Student Paper Award was Katherine Kountz (Georgia State University) for “Democratic Education and the Cultural Politics of the Unschooling Movement.” A big thanks goes out to Matthew Houdek and Keven Rudrow of the Benson-Campbell Committee for their service to PAD and the discipline!

Additionally, we are happy to announce the brand new "Emerging Scholar" and "New Horizons" Awards, which honor pathbreaking scholarship and projects from junior and advanced faculty, respectively. PAD will also convene two Hochmuth-Nichols committees to recognize academic monographs published in 2022 and 2023. As these committees convene this Spring, please be on the lookout for the call for nominations in COMMnotes! Nominations for the Hochmuth Nichols will be due May 20th, 2024,  while nominations for the Benson-Campbell, Emerging Scholar, and New Horizons Awards will fall between August and September.

If you're not yet a member of the division, I encourage you to join us for 2024. 

I look forward to seeing you all in NOLA!

Best wishes,

Atilla Hallsby, 2024 Public Address Division Chair

2024 Interest Group Leadership

  • Chair: Atilla Hallsby, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • Co-Vice Chairs: 
    • Thomas Dunn, Colorado State University
    • Ryan Neville-Shepard, University of Arkansas
  • Vice Chair-Elect: Robert Asen, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Immediate Past Chair: Abraham Khan, University of Arkansas
  • Secretary: Katie Bruner, Northeastern University
  • Marie Hochmuch Nichols Award Committee Chair: Atilla Hallsby, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • Benson-Campbell Dissertation Proposal Research Award Committee Chair: Matthew Houdek, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • DEI Committee Chair: Ariel Seay-Howard, North Carolina State University
  • PAD Nominating Committee Chair: Maryam Ahmadi, University of Georgia
  • Emerging Scholar Award Chair: Leslie Harris, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • New Horizons Award Chair: Tim Barney, University of Richmond

2024 NCA Positions

  • Legislative Committee
    • Atilla Hallsby, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
    • Thomas Dunn, Colorado State University
    • Ryan Neville-Shepard, University of Arkansas

    Nominating Committee

    • Jose G. Izaguirre, University of Texas at Austin

PAD Membership (2013-2024)

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