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September 7, 2018
Association News
NCA News
(Washington, DC)—Each year, the National Communication Association (NCA) honors the best in academic communication, presenting awards for outstanding scholarship, teaching, and professional service...
August 29, 2018
NCA News, Science
Denver, CO—On September 26, the National Communication Association (NCA) and the University of Colorado Denver’s Department of Communication will present a public program, “The Art of Science...
August 28, 2018
New Research
Bullying, Education
Explaining or sharing information about complex or sensitive topics can be difficult, and doing so without providing the appropriate context or using the right approach can present additional...
July 26, 2018
New Research
Bullying, Education
Higher education institutions in the United States should change their faculty codes of conduct to define bullying as a distinctive form of harassment, according to a new paper published in the...
July 23, 2018
New Research
Family, Health, Relationships
Despite evidence that breastfeeding through babies’ first six months is beneficial to mothers and their children, lactating moms still face some hurdles at the office, including the disapproval of...
June 27, 2018
Experts Available
Free Speech, Political
Flag Day has just passed and the Fourth of July approaches as the debate in the rages about what it means to be a U.S. patriot in turbulent and polarized times. The ongoing controversy over athletes...
June 20, 2018
Experts Available
Political, Social Justice
As the controversy about the ongoing immigration enforcement crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border continues, the photographs of asylum seekers, the detention centers in which they are being held, and the...
June 20, 2018
Internationalization, NCA News
(Washington, DC) — The National Communication Association (NCA) and the Communication University of China (CUC) will co-host their third biennial conference , “Communication, Media, and Governance in...
May 22, 2018
New Research
Education, Health
(Washington, DC) — “Yeah, but…” begins many of the sentences that faculty say and hear from one another when it comes to dealing with students’ mental health issues and the stigma surrounding them on...
May 11, 2018
Discipline News
(Washington, DC) -- Teachers who antagonize their students by belittling them, showing favoritism, or criticizing their contributions can damage students’ learning potential, according to a new study...