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The Philosophy of Communication Interest Group interrogates the relationship between philosophical frameworks and our understanding of communication. The Interest Group explores the overlaps, intersections, and complements between philosophy and communication. We provide an academic home for work that addresses communication from a philosophical orientation and/or philosophy from a communication perspective, both broadly defined. The Interest Group is open to all traditions of philosophical inquiry (ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary, postmodern, western, eastern, analytic, continental) and is supportive of semiotic, phenomenological, hermeneutic, critical, psychoanalytic, communicological, narrative, dialogical, and other methodologies that examine communicative experience.


  • Chair: Marianne Pabis
  • Vice Chair: Andrew Tinker
  • Vice Chair-Elect: Ryan D’Souza
  • Immediate Past Chair: Susan Mancino
  • Secretary: Melinda Farrington
Awards Committee
  • Joel Ward
  • Garnett Butchart
  • Janie Harden Fritz
Legislative Assembly
  • Marianne Pabis
  • Susan Mancino

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Official count taken each January.

108th Annual Convention -- New Orleans, LA -- Nov. 17 - 20, 2022

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  • PCD Call -- Deadline: Thu, 3/31 2022 3:00 AM EDT
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