NCA Annual Convention

NCA 104th Annual Convention: Communication at Play

NCA18 Convention Artwork
November 08 - 11, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT



Now that our program is finalized, it is time to express appreciation for the time and efforts of our program planners. After all the organizing, learning the system, scrambling, coding, chiding late reviewers, and sending notifications, what is the true value of this labor of love? Is it a nice, lengthy addition to a curriculum vitae? Not really, since it usually boils down to one line in the "service to the discipline" category. Perhaps it is the gracious and thankful remarks of panel and paper submitters, effusive in their praise of the planner's efforts? Certainly not in my experience, where my failings were dutifully and lovingly detailed.

Like many labors of love, helping to plan the NCA program is something done largely for its own sake, and for the satisfaction of crafting novel and engaging experiences for our colleagues. Yes, there is often a personal evaluative benefit to providing service at the national level, but this planning effort is truly a service to our community, a recognition that important work (and play!) takes place at our Annual Convention. So, for all of the hard work and time put in by the program planners to make our 104th Annual Convention a rousing success, I would like to express my great appreciation. Our rich scholarly and pedagogical interactions would simply not be possible without the efforts of our program planners. So, take some pride in your efforts, by all means add the line to your CV, but also know that it is through your efforts that NCA is able to fulfill its mission and vision for the power of communication. Thank you, and we look forward with great excitement to sharing the fruits of your labors.


Star Muir
NCA First Vice President