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The Economics, Communication, and Society Division promotes scholarship on the communicative dimensions of economic theory and practice as well as the economy of communication. In particular, the division aims to support four major areas research: the rhetoric of economics, the cultural studies of the economy, the political economy of communication, and critical organizational communication. When engaging these areas of scholarship, we welcome research utilizing quantitative or qualitative methods. We also welcome a wide range of case studies and critical perspectives that engage philosophical themes such as the history of economic thought, the rhetoric of economic theory and policy, the political economy of media institutions, the affective or biopolitical aspects of economic power, and the historical transformation of economic forms of life. When submitting discussion panels, panel sessions, and individual papers, we encourage the proposal of interdisciplinary projects that work collaboratively with other divisions both within and beyond NCA.

2023 Interest Group Leadership

  • Chair: Robert McDonald, University of Kansas
  • Vice Chair: Crystal Colombini, Fordham University
  • Vice Chair-Elect: Kevin Musgrave, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Immediate Past Chair: Leslie Rossman, Edmonds Comm College
  • Graduate Representative: Kai Prins, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2023 NCA Positions

  • Legislative Assembly
    • Robert McDonald
    • Crystal Colombini
  • Nominating Committee
    • Leslie Rossman

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109th Annual Convention -- National Harbor, MD -- November 16 - 19, 2023.


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