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First Amendment Instructional Activities and Informational Links

October 1, 2011
Freedom of Expression

National Freedom of Speech Week offers many opportunities for instruction in the history and importance of freedom of expression.  Please check out these links to websites offering general information, as well as suggestions for instructional activities for all grade levels. 

1.  Websites dedicated to the First Amendment with a section called "Campus Programs" that may be of particular interest to faculty. 
2.  National Endowment for the Humanities website: Selected lesson plans, features and web links to help celebrate Freedom of Speech Week and to broaden understanding of the First Amendment.

3.  American Bar Association Freedom of Speech FAQs

4.  National Communication Association Call for National Freedom of Speech Week Celebration  

5. National Freedom of Speech Week Website — Summary of what the week is for as well as summaries of notable events organizations held to celebrate it.

6. (this includes a crossword puzzle, word search, and a quiz)

7. (some of these are repeats of the first two, but there are some other suggestions below)


9. (this is a lesson plan for Elementary or Middle School level with activities included)


11. firstamendmentcenter dot org/