Distinguished Scholar Selection Committee

May 15, 2019

Three positions to serve staggered terms starting immediately

Person A: 2019-2020 term (Chair in 2019, 2020) 
Person B: 2019-2021 term (Chair in 2021) 
Person C: 2019-2022 term (Chair in 2022)

The NCA Distinguished Scholar Award was created in 1991 to recognize NCA members for a lifetime of scholarly achievement in the study of communication. Recipients are selected to reflect excellence within the communication profession.

A distinguished research career is operationally defined as a person who has at least 20 complete years of scholarly contributions since their Ph.D. was awarded. Breadth and quantity should be considered in the selection process, but it should not in any way override considerations of depth and quality. The Distinguished Scholar selection process should reflect NCA’s mission statement with regard to those honored: “NCA supports inclusiveness and diversity among our faculties, within our membership, in the workplace, and in the classroom; NCA supports and promotes policies that fairly encourage this diversity and inclusion.” No more than five Distinguished Scholars will be named each year; one award each year may be posthumous.

Expectations: Committee members are responsible for disseminating the award nomination call to help ensure full dissemination beyond the open call circulated by NCA’s Executive Director. In alignment with NCA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Executive Director will disseminate the annual call to the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of all six NCA caucuses. Additionally, Committee members are required to review, evaluate, deliberate, and select the recipients as prescribed by the award guidelines. Committee Chairs are responsible for coordinating the work of the Selection Committee and ensuring all deadlines are met.

Initially, one member (Person A) will be selected for a term starting immediately and continuing through 2020 and will serve as chair for that term. One member (Person B) will be selected for a term starting immediately and continuing through 2021 and will serve as chair during their second year (2021). One member (Person C) will be selected for a term starting immediately and continuing through 2022 and will serve as chair during their third year (2022).

Qualifications: Nominees should be at senior stages in their professional careers with an established record of service to NCA.

(In future years, one position will be open to serve a three-year term with the third year as chair)
Selection Process: Nominations for the committee are first reviewed by the NCA Leadership Development Committee. The recommendations of the Leadership Development Committee are then considered by the Legislative Assembly, which formally approves appointments.

Selection Committee Nomination Materials:

  • A one-page cover letter summarizing interest and qualifications for the position. Please include a statement indicating that, if appointed, the nominee agrees to serve on the relevant committee and maintain NCA membership while serving.
  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae of no more than five pages highlighting professional qualifications.

Please submit materials electronically to nomination@natcom.org no later than May 15, 2019 as a Microsoft Word or PDF document with the name of the committee in the subject line of the email.