Call for At-Large Members: NCA Future Conventions Task Force

October 11, 2021

Walid Afifi (2nd VP of NCA) is establishing an NCA Future Conventions Task Force to examine options for the future of our conventions, with special attention to possibilities for virtual participation, while also keeping the aspects of the in-person experience that members cherish. It is worth noting that NCA already has contracts with cities and hotels (specifying guarantees related to room blocks, food and beverage minimums, etc.) through 2027. The Task Force will be charged with gathering all relevant information for a range of possibilities and developing proposals for consideration by the NCA Executive Committee. Task Force discussions must address logistical challenges and opportunities, as well as both the benefits and costs associated with each potential proposal. The timeline for completion of the proposals is July 1, 2022. The hope is for the Task Force to begin meeting in early November 2021. The expectation is that the Task Force will meet approximately once a month for 1.5 hours and that Task Force members will devote approximately 2-3 hours in preparation for each meeting.

This call is for applications to the Task Force's three at-large positions (see roster below). The application form asks for name, university affiliation, academic rank, and a paragraph explaining why the applicant would make a good fit for this Task Force (including any service experience with NCA, although past NCA service is not required for involvement). As is reflected by the Task Force's roster, selection of the at-large members will be led by a goal to create a Task Force that reflects the range of NCA membership, with special interest in representation by those who have faced structural barriers to access as a result of the convention's in-person format. 

Dr. Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock (Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and past Chair of the Disability Issues Caucus) has agreed to serve as Task Force Chair.

The deadline for applications is Monday, October 11, 2021. 

Contact Walid Afifi at with questions or concerns. 

The Task Force roster (n = 15) will be as follows: 

  • Task Force Chair: Dr. Dr. Julie Ann Scott-Pollock (Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington) 
  • 3 reps from NCA’s caucuses - nominations solicited through caucus leadership (3)
  • 1 rep from each of the following sections: Student Section, Community College Section, and Elementary and Secondary Education Section - nominations solicited through section leadership (3)
  • 1 rep from the Convention Committee (1)
  • 3 "at-large" members - selected from among applicants (3)
  • 1 Task Force Chair's selection - selected by the TF chair (1)
  • 1 Past President - selected by NCA’s Officers (1)
  • Kristin Yednock - NCA Director of Convention and Meetings - non-voting (1)
  • 1 rep from the Finance Committee on it (1) - selected by Finance Committee - non-voting