2018 NCA Election

January 08 - February 06, 2018

The Nominating Committee, chaired by Navita Cummings James, and the Committee on Committees, chaired by Christie Beck, developed a full ballot of candidates for the 2018 NCA election. Members will be asked to elect a Second Vice President and At-Large Directors to the Legislative Assembly, the Committee on Committees, and the Nominating Committee.

Balloting for the election will open on Tuesday, January 2, 2018, and will close on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, at 5 p.m. EST. All individual members of NCA as of January 1, 2018, are eligible to vote in the regular election. If you are eligible to vote and do not receive an electronic ballot on Tuesday, January 2 or if you would like to request a paper ballot, please contact the NCA’s National Office at 202-464-4622 or inbox@natcom.org.

To help ensure you receive your electronic ballot, please note the ballot will be coming from “NCA Election Coordinator" (noreply@directvote.net). Please ensure that your spam filter allows this email to get to your inbox by adding this email address to your address book.

2018 NCA Election Ballot

Second Vice President

One will be elected with a term beginning in January 2019

Click here to read a statement from each candidate.

  • David T. McMahan, Missouri Western State University
  • Brad Mello, Saint Xavier University

Committee on Committees (At- Large Members)

Two will be elected to serve two-year terms beginning in January 2019.

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  • Jane Jorgenson, University of South Florida
  • Bree McEwan, DePaul University
  • Carey Marie Noland, Northeastern University
  • Melissa Tafoya, La Sierra University

Legislative Assembly (At- Large Directors)

Three will be elected to serve three-year terms beginning in January 2019.

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  • Ariel Gratch, Georgia College and State University
  • Susanne Jones, University of Minnesota
  • Kendra Knight, DePaul University
  • Lara Lengel, Bowling Green State University
  • Lana McDonnell, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
  • Nicholas Zoffel, Sierra College

Nominating Committee (At- Large Members)

Four candidates will be elected to serve a one-year term beginning in January 2018.

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  • Nicole Files-Thompson, Lincoln University
  • Kristen Everhart, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Tracey Holden, University of Delaware
  • José Ángel Maldonado, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Tiara Na’ Puti, University of Colorado, Boulder
  •  John Nash, Moraine Valley Community College
  • Melba Vélez Ortiz, Grand Valley State University
  • Erin Watley, McDaniel College